Canyon Passage


Drama / Western

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April 15, 2019


Andy Devine as Sneezer
Lloyd Bridges as Donald Forrester
Susan Hayward as Isobel Rivers
Ward Bond as Fingers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Carlos Fiorelli 1 / 10 / 10

Great purgative!

The worst film of Tourneur, one of the worst performances of Andrews, Hayward, Donlevy & Bond. If you want to lose your time, this is trouble for you. It's a ridiculous story, extremely long movie going. Further proof that great directors and artists do not do miracles. Anyway, if you are having trouble vomiting or defecating, watch this garbage.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 8 / 10 / 10

Faulty plot, particularly late in the film

This is a rather impressive Western, far above average. The Technicolor photography is excellent, as is the outdoor scenery. There's also an excellent cast. Dana Andrews is the lead, and this is one of his better roles. Brian Donlevy is the second male lead, who is a little more crooked a businessman than most realize. Susan Hayward is excellent and quite beautiful as the fiancé of Donlevy. The beautiful Patricia Roc plays Andrew's love interest (this was her only Hollywood film, although she was a very popular actress in British films). Ward Bond is the real heavy here; one of my favorite character actors. Hoagy Carmichael plays an oddball businessman, although I never understood how Hollywood took an interest in him, other than for his music (which is highlighted here with his great song "Buttermilk Sky"). Lloyd Bridges and Andy Devine also have good supporting roles. I guess what keeps this from being a great film is that the plot just sort of wanders along (but then again, that is sort of what real life does) with no real apparent direction. Still, it's pretty interesting stuff...but it doesn't end up where you think it's going at all. In fact, it seems like all of sudden it's suddenly over. Lots of good stuff here, even if the plot moving forward is a little weak...particularly the ending.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 8 / 10 / 10

An Excellent Unacknowledged Pioneer Picture

Decidedly Offbeat Western with an Innocuous Title but Otherwise a Winner in All Respects. The Stylist Director Tourneur Brings a European Sensibility to the Hollywood Pioneer Picture Mainstay and Makes It Something Special. The Gorgeous Technicolor is a Surprise for Fans Turning to This Genre Piece and There are More Surprises to Come. The Complex Plot with Subplots Galore, the Mixing of the Community with Many Mixed Up Citizens, the Brutal Saloon Fist Fight Complete with Dripping Skull Fractures, the Indian Raids that Show Some Savage Behavior (although in long shot), and There's More. The Score from Frank Skinner Works Quite Well and Hoagy Carmichael is Along for the Ride with His Own Brand of Warbling. Ward Bond Plays a Very Heavy Heavy in One of His Best Villain Roles. The Two Lead Men Dana Andrews and Brian Donlevy Do Nothing to Detract from the Overall Magnificence of the Movie, and Neither Does Susan Hayward Who Looks Beautiful. There are Supporting Players Moving In and Out Featuring Lloyd Bridges and Andy Devine. But it is the Way the Director Frames the Film with Evil Always Lurking on the Edges and His Genuine Auteur Credentials that Put This All Together to Make it Something Quite Special in a Genre that Includes More Mediocrity than Most.

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