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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Marcio Cuzziol 6 / 10 / 10

The King's Captain

Good swashbuckler set in France by the time King Louis XIII was just a teenager. It seems that nobody wants to see him sitting on the throne, including his lovely mother. But there is a loyal nobleman who will fight bravely to put things in order. Legendary French actor Jean Marais is a bit too old to play the hero but he tries hard and really does a good job. As the comic relief, comedian Bourvil plays the street artist who helps Marais in his mission. Fencing and action sequences don't look as great as in Errol Flynn's classics but the old castles are real and "Le Capitan" provides a good fun for its audience. By the way, English title "Captain Blood" makes no sense; this captain has no relation neither to 1935 Hollywood classic nor to Rafael Sabatini's novel (this one is based on Michel Zevaco's histories).

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10 / 10

Fun swashbuckling with plenty of crashing , swordplay , glamorous gowns and luxurious sets .

This is a slight and adequate budgeted retelling about Michel Zévaco's novel with an awesome Jean Marais . ¨The captain¨ is a likable movie , full of anecdotes and entertaining events . Enjoyable and amusing version with an intrepid Jean Marais as a valiant swashbuckler called Francois De Capestang . This is the classic version upon an adventure novel with a fine cast headed by handsome Jean Marais in a brave role as a valiant knight , a dashing swordsman , audacious lover and nimble athlete . Set in early XVII Century , when a teenager Luis XIII is dominated by his mother , Marie of Medicis (Lise Delamare) and her 'favorite' , the mean count Concino Concini (Arnaldo Foa) and his hoodlum Rinaldo (Guy Delorme) . There appears chevalier Francois de Capestang (Jean Marais) whose main dilemma is the woman who loves , Gisèle d'Angoulême (Elsa Martinelli), results to be daughter of Duke Angulemama . As Angulema is the prime conspirator against King Louis XIII . Chevalier Francois along with a street urchin named Cogolin (Bourvil who holds the comic relief) take on malicious conspirators , double-crosses and lot of dangers . This is an exciting film , plenty action , thrills , fights , love and breathtaking outdoors . It is adapted in the greatest splendor , the complete romance , an awesome casting and enough production shot in French Studios and location make for a fairly amusement swashbuckler/adventure/comedy . Spectacular as well as delightful swordplay in colorful style with enough budget and breathtaking scenarios, including impressive castles and strongholds . It is packed with comedy in charge of Bourvil , Derring-do , intrigue, a love story , action , drama and moving swordplay . The picture contains rousing action , intrigue , romantic adventure , romance , treachery , mayhem and a lot of fence . Furthermore , a vein of humour is evident here , though sometimes falling flat . For this movie itself , though , energetic and frantic are the best adjectives you could think of to describe its attractions . Pleasant performances by main star cast and agreeable secondary cast , as the marvelous main actors are completed by stellar cast full of good and veteran French players . Nice acting acting by Jean Marais , he gives a charming acting and manages to use his fists , swords and to do some acrobatics . Marais was a prestigious actor being special relevancy his relation to Jean Cocteau , as they remained close friends until Cocteau's death . Cocteau had a major influence on life and career of Jean Marais who appeared in almost every one of Cocteau's films. Together they made such classics as Beauty and the Beast (1946) , Orfeo (1950) and testament of Orfeo (1960) , to name a few . He also starred several adventure movies mostly directed by Andre Hunebelle such as 1962 Mysteries of Paris , 1961 The miracle of the wolves , 1960 the captain and 1959 The hunchback . During the 1960s and 1970s, Marais went on to star in several popular comedies, such as the Fantomas (1964) trilogy by director André Hunebelle . He co-starred with many major French actors of the time, including such stars as Louis de Funès and Mylène Demongeot in the Fantomas trilogy, and also Jean Gabin, Guy Delorme, Bourvil, Danielle Darrieux, Michèle Morgan, and Yves Montand. Colorful cinematography by Marcel Grignon , being stunningly showed on the splendorous images . Evocative and lively musical score by Jean Marion . Glamorous production design is well reflected on the luxurious interiors and exteriors filmed on location in Royal Château of Fontainebleau , Château De Val, Lanobre , Forêt De Rambouillet , Château De Beynac , Dordogne, Bastide Médiévale, Monpazier , Dordogne Franstudio , Saint-Maurice , and Val-De-MarneFrance . The motion picture was professionally and in colorful style realized by André Hunebelle . This cool filmmaker provided visual style , comedy , fencing ,drama , clangorous action in equal proportions . Andre was born and dead in France (1896-1895) . He was a director and producer, known for his spectacular as well as delightful swordplay adventures , Eurospy and action films . As he was expert on adventure movie as "The Three Musketeers" , "Devil of Paris" ,¨Le Bossu or the hunchback¨, "The Miracle of the Wolves" ,"Under the Sign of Monte-Cristo" . Being especially known for his Fantomas series with Louis De Funes and Jean Marais such as : ¨Fantomas¨, "Fantomas Unleashed" and ¨Fantomas versus Scotland Yard¨

Reviewed by Maziun 5 / 10 / 10

Not bad old school fun

This movie is based on Michel Zevaco's histories . Legendary French actor Jean Marais plays the main hero – a noble knight who will help young Louis XIII become king. "Le captain" is set during the king's youth. Marais plays the same role he played in many similar movies of that era . Famous French comedian Bourvil plays the role of sidekick – a street artists who is not very smart . Bourvil is a good comic relief. Both Jean Marais and Bourvil gave a really good performances. It's interesting that old castles in this movie are real. This movie is maybe not as good as "Robin Hood" with Errol Flynn , but it's definitively entertaining and has a certain charm. Give it a shoot and don't expect historical accuracy. I give it 5/10.

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