Capturing Mary



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David Walliams as Greville White
Gemma Arterton as Alice
Maggie Smith as Gunilla Garson Goldberg
Ruth Wilson as Young Mary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rube2424 9 / 10 / 10

Lost Between Two Worlds

CAPTURING MARY is a haunting and quite unforgettable film. Maggi Smith, as always, is a wonder as an old woman looking back at her life with confusion and regret. There has been much talk about a supernatural angle to the film. I personally don't buy into that. I think the film is about the mores and class system of the still Victorian upper crust in England in the 1950's and how if affected one young woman who challenged it a bit too soon. We are told that Mary has made a small name for herself by writing an article in which she proposes that there be more graphic sex in films. Now remember, this is the mid fifties. At a house party frequented only, we are told, by the rich and famous, Mary finds herself being pursued by an enigmatic somewhat older man who seems to know everyone and to know everyone's secrets as well. In a dank wine cellar he tells Mary the disgusting secrets he knows, mainly dealing with the upper class's disdain for "the lower classes", especially in ethnic and racial terms. Mary is appalled by this, yet strangely fascinated at the same time. She sees that in the mansion housing the party all is proper, yet there is no mistaking a room full of leering men taking in a trio of scantily clad singers. On many different levels, Mary is confused and lost between two worlds. Though she knows it would be to her benefit to join this upper class world (and after all, didn't she lose her working class accent for just this purpose?) when asked she demurs, seeing the ugliness in it, thus wrecking the rest of her life. She is blacklisted by the old guard newspaper moguls for whom she works, and, as the decade changes to the 60's , she finds, though she wears the correct clothes and styles herself to look the part, that she cannot adapt to the new age either. She says of herself, as an older woman looking back, if I had been ten years older or ten years younger, but no, she is too early for the liberation of the sixties and too progressive to deal with the way women were treated in the fifties. She sees her mystery man again, and he has not aged a bit, though it seems, he has lost some of his power. Though it may not be as strong as it was, there will always be a class system. In the end it is both fascinating and ironic that the one person who can help Mary, even a small bit, is a young caretaker of a different ethnic group, who says at the end, "I really liked that lady." CAPTURING MARY is about being out of time and place and being caught between two disparate worlds. An excellent, thought provoking film.

Reviewed by Aregie 8 / 10 / 10

An unusual and thought-provoking film.

To begin with, I found the acting in this film superb. Maggie Smith was flawless as ever, and, as I am accustomed only to David Walliams'comedic work it was a treat to see him in something completely different. While watching it my expectations were turned on end continually. At first it was shaping up as "aged socialite revisits colourful past", then it veered towards romance, swiftly doing a 180 towards suspense/horror. I could never seem to be able to slot it neatly into one genre, and after some time of feeling frustrated and somewhat confused, I relaxed and decided to just watch. By the end I felt I had been on a journey, one without a predictable structure or clear moral outcome, but one that slowly revealed character's life-questions. And there was satisfaction in knowing those questions were only beginning to be answered by the roll of the ending credits.

Reviewed by jo979 8 / 10 / 10

Hauntingly beautiful...and creepy

Like Shooting the Past and Friends and Crocodiles, Poliakoff creates yet another intriguing dynamic between a man and a woman, and unlike every other television writer, he doesn't fall for the cliché that just because two people of the opposite sex meet that they should then fall in love. No, his writing is far more interesting, far more subtle, and like his other films the relationship between the two protagonists is captivating. Unlike the other films however, in Capturing Mary it is also very creepy. I loved the concept of this young woman unable to shake off these horrible stories she has heard, unable to escape from Greville's destructive influence. Yes by the end there are more questions than answers but I think this is a minor flaw in an otherwise brilliant observation of regret, loss, fear and the effect a few moments of your life can have on you forever. Stunning, haunting, beautiful and eerie, you'll be thinking about this film long after the DVD has stopped.

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