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Dermot Mulroney as Nick Mercer
Jennifer Connelly as Woman in grocery line
John Candy as Danny Muldoon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by UniqueParticle 9 / 10 / 10

Heartwarming! Jennifer Connelly was/is gorgeous!

Very enjoyable early 90's film written by the late John Hughes, R.I.P.! Frank Whaley was a delight to watch goof around at his job. Also William Forsythe was good as the menacing serious previous custodian. I met him once, I kinda wish I got his autograph. Lovely chill movie, yet again like other movies, I don't understand the complaints.

Reviewed by baldgi 7 / 10 / 10

this movie is much deeper than most think

I get such a kick out of all the comments that mention how beautiful Jennifer Connelly is. Basically because in this movie that's all Josie's ever heard... how she's such a great piece of a$$ ("the town tease"), and the redundancy of these comments she's encountered up to now has her almost proud of that fact. "... I never tease..." But the truth is, nobody cares who she is as a person (including you the viewer), and that kills her. Those that have criticized and commented on the movie are actually characters IN the movie. As we comment on how beautiful Connelly is, we in turn become a part of Josie's past, and we are responsible for who she is now. Add the issues of her father, who only threatens her (and the cop) with abuse and attempts of control. Josie is physically beautiful, but that is her main problem. She's a really f'ed up chick. She is a temporary trophy, until something better comes along. And being that negative attention is better than no attention at all, you can understand what brought her to the store in the first place. When Jim tells Josie of his dream of her, she instantly thinks "sex"... cause up until this point in her life, that all she has to offer anyone. She is instantly caught off guard when Jim suggests a simple dance, one that he's been dreaming of since the 7th grade. And of all the people Josie has ever been with, Jim is the first gentleman she's ever met. And for the first time in both of their lives, a true connection is made. Yes, the Home Alone skits are below average, but for me, the problem is that they take away from the connection that the two leads are making. The best part of this whole movie is the unspoken dialogue between Connelly and Whaley, as they tried desperately to comfort each other in this time of chaos. Whaley has most of the creative dialogue, but Connelly's character is the one of interest (and issues). This is a much more psychological romance than most give it credit for.

Reviewed by bobum 7 / 10 / 10

I fell in love with Jennifer Connelly in this movie

A very well done, humorous teenage love story that every "not so popular" guy who was passed over in high school can appreciate. Funny, awkward, and lighthearted, this movie has something for everyone. This was the first movie I saw Jennifer Connelly in and just like the main character, immediately fell in love with her. What an outstanding actress, although this is perhaps not her best performance. All together this is a great "Order in on Saturday night and have a few laughs with the wife/girlfriend" kind of feel good romantic romp.

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