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Graham Rogers as Carson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carollaw51-41-56256 9 / 10 / 10


After reading a lot of the other reviews on here i will stand boldly and admit i enjoyed this movie and found it entertaining as i think that was all it was trying to do and not trying to be the most original fatal attraction type dangerous liaison movie thats ever been made. Other peoples reviews seem to be comparing this movie with the 1980s and 1990s femme fatale movies that still are very popular today. But were they originals???No i don't believe they were as its all been done before as in the film Noir in the 1940s back then they especially specialised in dangerous women the likes of Barbara Stanwick and Gene Thierney etc played these very same type of women and so did Joan Crawford even earlier.So no the 1980s -2000 + movies of this genre don't have original characters or story lines. Anyway back to the film the location is beautiful and should keep you interested enough to wonder where this happy picturesque place is as it looks so chilled. I admit the film did seem to be going down the predictable path of dangerous extra marital affair ,husband gets killed mysteriously , you could see that coming a mile off but then i think you are meant to as the twist that happens in the end you don't see coming, i defie anyone who says different I liked this movie i wasn't expecting much from it as i was just flicking through Sky and kind of thought this will do and it turned out good enough viewing for me and i am picky

Reviewed by crazy_smilers 2 / 10 / 10

I was torn between a 4 and a 6. So it gets a 5. Lol

There was aspects to this film that I did enjoy such as the twist ending and that it was interesting to watch but I had so many beefs with it. Oh but kudos to his friend on being smart about getting evidence. People are often too dumb in movies. Lol What happened with the phones was no shocker. 1. OMG She had like NO personality. How rapidly they had sex seemed almost unbelievable for me BUT he was a teenage boy and she was a hot woman. Very pretty and seductive. Too skinny in my opinion. Lol 2. Agh I was annoyed he didn't grab the purse and run. As soon as she walked in I knew she was in on it. So about the gf. Why the heck point out the murder in the first place? They weren't paying much attention and it was going as an accident. Why stir the pot? I only see it as making the story interesting and the plot twist. Unless I missed something. Yes there was the rent a cop but he had no proof and they weren't paying him much mind. 3. Sex behind the store. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? As entertaining and thrilling that was (the almost getting caught n milk (why was milk outside? Was that milk? Lol) not the sex itself but clearly he has an instant boner for her) they were outside. Wasn't just trees hiding them back there. There was the LAKE! They didn't exactly check to make sure the coast was clear.

Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 2 / 10 / 10

About as bland as it gets

Doug Martin (Nick Jonas) is a young man living at home with his parents who begins an affair with the wife of a wealthy man who moves in next door. As is quite often the case this affair doesn't end well and Doug finds himself in the centre of a murder investigation.... The first half of this film is where it is at its strongest (and believe me I'm using that term loosely here). It sets up the usual story of bored housewife being married to a rich, but rather loathsome, abusive and self-centred husband with a burning desire to leave her loveless marriage. Doug is the excitement and fun that has been lacking in wife's life hence the reason that she begins the affair. OK it isn't great up till this point (a lot of the dialogue is dull and it lacks a single powerful or strong moment in its first half, but it does show promise and you feel as though it may slowly burn into something exciting, but you know what this simply doesn't happen).... ***************************SPOILERS FOLLOW************************** What really ruined this film for me was the decision to kill Lena's husband off at the halfway point in the film. Prior to this, the build-up suggests a simmering tension building up and I was getting the feeling that Elliott would expose their romance and exact his own revenge (particularly as he was being built up as being some sort of psychopath that you shouldn't mess with). What follows after his death is a rather tedious investigation into his death (which poor old Doug is in the frame for). Doug goes about trying to prove his innocence against impossible odds. Whilst none of this sounds bad when it's put into writing the same cannot be said for the effect of all of this being put in front of me on the screen; aside from a clever twist at the end, the rest of the murder investigation is dull and uninteresting and quite frankly for the most part it's a hard film to give a damn about. The performances also let the film down with Nick Jonas being particularly poor - he seems to have the same gormless expression throughout the film; maybe he should stick to singing?? The likes of Isabel Lucas and Graham Carson don't fare much better either. The only bright spots in this picture were Dermot Mulroney and Paul Sorvino, but sadly they weren't given as much screen time as their rather vapid co-stars. It's poor stuff especially considering it showed some promise in the first half. Personally, I would have preferred it if the trophy-wife's husband had stuck around for longer as the idea of him finding out about the affair and hunting Doug down would have made for a much more exciting picture. As it is though, it is sexy (in a superficial way), but it's also mind-numbingly dull.

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