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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donby-1 8 / 10 / 10

Double-cross film about double-dealers has panache

A scam is afoot, but then there is a double-cross, triple-cross, quadruple-cross, etc. I found the film enjoyable, parts of it filmed inside some very posh hotels that you usually don't see in films. Also, there are the Extremely Attractive three lead actors, very easy on the eyes. Some of the critical reviewers seem to have been expecting Citizen Kane, which of course it isn't. But it's fun to try to differentiate the good guys from the bad guys. You won't be bored ! French films in the past have gotten a bad rap accused of being too "arty". This is certainly not true of this offering, whose purpose is only to entertain. Enjoy !

Reviewed by viktor_weimer 6 / 10 / 10

There are more heist movies in the world than Ocean11 - please stop comparing!

Apart from the numerous stylistic resemblances between "Ca$h" and the Ocean's 11/12/13 movies (funky music, editing pace, use of colorful light, etc.), you have to realize that this is a very different movie. Of course, if all you have seen in this genre is Ocean's 11, and you're easily distracted by style, then of course you draw parallels, and you might prefer the Ocean's movies. This is, please let me emphasize this, this is NOT a heist movie! So don't expect a heist movie! This movie is more in the line of "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", in that it's filled with con artists, scams, twists, and a sometimes very comedic approach to all that. Sure it could be better here and there, but it's a really nice feel good crime/(little bit of)heist/con movie, charming and entertaining, and I left the movie theater with a big grin. Not perfect, but enjoyable.

Reviewed by jotix100 6 / 10 / 10

Double crossing

As the story begins, we watch a truck stopping in front of an office building. The man that descends from the vehicle is an exterminator, supposedly, but of course, he is someone impersonating a bug man. He gets rid of some secretaries and begins to arrange the place, changing into a business suit. He is Solal, a well connected member of a mafia family operating in France. He had set an appointment with Lardier, a man that knows his identity and knows he was set up. Solal is murdered on the spot. Solal's family swears to avenge his death. His brother, nicknamed Cash, enters the story at this point. He and his family have devised a plan for getting the murderer and for a caper that involves the stealing of valuable diamonds that a rich man will be bringing to a resort hotel in the Riviera. There is an ambitious police investigator, Julia Molina, who is into Cash's activities. She wants to infiltrate the operation because she has a plan in mind that might be flawless. For that, she must become irresistible to another group that is being put together to help with the caper. She is in for a big surprise! "Ca$h" is a French thriller by Eric Besnard, who also wrote the script for the film. One thing for sure, Mr. Besnard has a keen eye in which to set the action. The director takes us on a tour of the world that only a few privileged people get to know and play. Mr. Bernard has written a lot for the movies. Giles Henry, the cinematographer, clearly understood what the man in charge wanted, giving the film what it needed to go along with the action. Jean Dujardin plays Cash with playful style. Valeria Golino, a good Italian actress usually seen in American films, is on hand to play Julia Molina. Jean Reno, an actor that has done a lot of action films, doesn't have much to do in here. Alice Taglioni, Francois Berland, Cieran Hands, and the rest of the supporting cast make a good contribution to the picture.

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