Cast a Deadly Spell


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery

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September 3, 2019


Clancy Brown as Mr. Ree
David Warner as Abbot
Fred Ward as Gary Marshetta
Julianne Moore as Gloria
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hokum-2 10 / 10 / 10

Greatest movie that's never seen

This is such a fun movie, everyone I've shown it to has tried to swipe my rather beat up copy... If you're a fan of hardboiled detectives, the works of H.P. Lovecraft, horror mixed with comedy, Fred Ward, or watching movies in slow motion to find all sorts of cool stuff going on in the background, then this film is for you... Sadly, you CAN NOT PURCHASE this film, unless you find it used. HBO only released it to video rental stores, even though it's lesser sequel is available just about anywhere. To make matters worse, all tapes come with a Macrovision copy block. Bummer... So, if you can find it, grab it quick, before someone else does!

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 10 / 10 / 10

If Ever A Movie Could Be Called "Unique," This Is It!

I wonder why this isn't a movie that people know? After all, it is definitely unique and fun to watch, and how many films do you know that are a combination 1940s film noir and horror? Man, this is a real "curiosity piece." It's Los Angeles and 1948 and everyone, except the hero (Fred Ward) is using magic, occult witchcraft-type stuff (which this reviewer hardly endorses). Ludicrous, yes, but fascinating and funny in parts. Too bad this isn't out on DVD because the colors and atmosphere just ooze 1940s. It's also simply great entertainment. Juliane Moore looks gorgeous and Ward is likable in the lead role. He has the authentic look of a private eye, and I like the idea that he has more morals than all the other characters in the movie combined. If any story can be called truly "unique," this is one of them.

Reviewed by arioch-3 10 / 10 / 10


Wonderfully written and acted movie of an alternate 1948 Los Angeles where ALMOST everyone uses magic. Picture if you will, our founding fathers being sorcerers and alchemists rather than scientists and engineers! Fred Ward, Clancy Brown and the rest have (pardon the pun) made magic with this movie. David Warner shows his range as Mr. Hackshaw and Ms. Moore is just plain sultry. Of particular interest for the Lovecraft fans, trying to catch all of the covert and overt references to the realm that H.P. created before passing away well before his time. Definitely worth your time and effort to find this gem. Movies this fun is difficult to find.

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