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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by austinjrutherford 4 / 10 / 10

Complete Letdown

I'm a huge fan of the original Castle Freak so I was very hesitant, but also curious as to what this new reimagining would bring to the table. I'm admittedly not very familiar with the Lovecraft story that it's based on, so maybe I'm missing something, but this movie was just all over the place. The acting was terrible, the story was full of cliches, the camera work was clunky, and there's absolutely no build up or suspense whatsoever. Nothing even remotely significant happens until the last twenty minutes or so, and by then you couldn't really care less about these hollow characters and what's happening to them. Better stick with the original on this one.

Reviewed by terrencepatrix 4 / 10 / 10

Lame lovecraftian copout

This movie has one of the most awesome filming locations you can hope for, a legit massive castle. The scenery is absolutely fantastic if you like that sort of thing, I wonder how they got the license to shoot in this place. Unfortunately the movie just isn't good. The acting is below average, the plot is very thin, and they try to throw in a Lovecraft theme at the end that doesn't really make sense. Really none of the plot makes sense...because there isn't much of a plot at all. There is boobs though for those that are interested. And they are very nice boobs. They add absolutely nothing to the plot but they are there for those who are interested. The FX is actually quite good as is the film quality, but unfortunately it's just not that great of a movie. I realize I didn't discuss the actual plot...that's because there really isn't is one and anything I said would be a spoiler. Other than the nice boobs it was a meh.

Reviewed by homerj2000 4 / 10 / 10

Could have been much better.

A mix of classic Lovecraft elements, combined with characters that you could care less about, in an overlong movie where everyone makes stupid decisions leading to dire consequences: equals another remake that failed overall. Watch the original instead.

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