Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite


Action / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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September 26, 2020



George Lopez as Ramirez
Max Greenfield as Roger the Dog
Melissa Rauch as Megan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by litghtningkitzne 3 / 10 / 10

Just how rushed was this?

Wow this is just bad. The first movie had much more believable special effects than this. Any time the characters interact with anything around them, they're off screen and you get a show of a obviously fake paw doing all the interacting. The talking effects on their mouth is very blurry as if their faces are being stretched and pulled on a low quality image editor, with no cleanup done after. Voice acting is also pretty bland, sounds like the voice actors are reading a script with no context on the scene they are reading it for. Plot was average, nothing to write home about. If you want to watch Cats and Dogs 3, skip it and go watch the original one

Reviewed by lillianrgendron 1 / 10 / 10

Save your frustration and skip this one.

When a villain can do a 180 in two seconds, maybe it is time to review what little plot you have. Honestly, there was no pay out by the end of the movie. No big show stoppers or "sitting at the edge of your seat" feeling. I went into this movie thinking it was going to have SPY GADGETS and I was somehow disappointed at the total lack of what was introduced in the second film. Half the movie was just about how many discriminative animal jokes they could fit in. Also, three fourths of the main hero group were dogs. Cats & Dogs yet there is a single cat. I could understand it in the second movie as it was a look at a misjudged other side of a coin, but this was just ridiculous. This movie is supposed to take place 10 years after the second movie but the only progress they have is that they can work in the same building but still don't tolerate each other. And don't get me started on the drug that allows them to be friendly with one another. A drug and then they are instant best friends. And the frequency thing to make dogs and cats fight? A reused problem that is NEVER shown to have real consequences with the main characters. Honestly, I'm good with forgetting this movie ever existed. Straight to DVD for a reason. The only thing I thought was amusing was the alley cat scene and even that could of had improvements.

Reviewed by LashaneDemel 1 / 10 / 10

No!!! They ruined another franchise!

This is the worst movie in the Cats & Dogs franchise. What a horrible movie! I suggest you all not to watch this and save your precious time. But still first movie is the best. 2nd is average. But this is so unwatchable. bad music composing, bad CGI, terrible acting, no old characters. Nothing else to say about this nonsense!

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