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Reviewed by seriouscritic-42569 3 / 10 / 10

A Premise is Not a Story

Two creepy strangers show up for tea: that is a premise, and depending on what you do with it, not a particularly bad one. However it is not a story. Occasionally having something creepier inexplicably happen is adding incident; it is still not a story. This film, sadly, has a premise and enough incident to make for a mysterious half hour but then it would be nice if it went somewhere from there. And it doesn't. A lot is hinted at but nothing elaborated on or explained. The actors are all rather good but they are only given fifteen minutes worth of screenplay and forced to stretch and repeat until the film ends. Almost literally. When characters finally learn a little of what has been so confusingly hinted at, it doesn't change anything for the situation, and the audience is never even let in on it, because to resolve a story and reveal mysteries you would need a story and at least some ideas to begin with. And all they had was a premise. The whole exercise becomes ultimately pointless. It might have been a successful and well-made short film, but as a feature it is a frustrating trial.

Reviewed by gengar843 1 / 10 / 10


Let's get right to it. The story is very simple - photojournalist couple receives visit from oddly-behaving man and woman, who turn out to be creatures the photojournalists have accidentally "caught" on film. The photojournalists are "caught" at home, "caught" unawares because they have no clue what's on the film until they take a closer look. It's all very claustrophobic, helped immensely by the acting skills of the four main characters, and the suspenseful score. Unfortuately, it's very slow, and seems repetitive, trying to pad what is essentially a short. The audience is therefore also "caught" in this ponderous web. I say web because I believe the creatures are spiders. It's never revealed outright but there ARE clues. (1) A brief scene where a spider (brown recluse?) crawls up an arm. Why is that in the film? Yes, it's creepy but the film doesn't otherwise use symbolism to create atmosphere. (2) Though the audience never sees the photo in Andrew's hand, there IS a photo hanging in the darkroom which looks to me like a giant spider creature. (3) While some may think it's a cat-and-mouse game the creatures are playing, I see it as spider-and-fly. (4) Once their human features are punctured, the creatures revealed seem more invertebrate than vertebrate. (5) The creatures ooze saliva on these human victims quite often, as if trying to paralyze them rather than merely menace them. It's not a bad film by any means but it DOES seem as if writer and producer Alex Francise intentionally wanted viewer frustration, as if they too should be "caught" in a trap from which there is no resolution. True to form, the film ends on a dim note, neither apocalyptic nor hopeful. One last note: Baby Emily might be part creature offspring. The creatures' interest in whether Andrew and Julie were "copulating" at the moors indicates they have not only come for the photos but also for the infant. Interesting anyway.

Reviewed by vladimirpolaski 1 / 10 / 10

Pointless movie, and this coming from a guy who loves tons of pointless movies.

There are very few movies I've watched in my life where the director intentionally wasted audience's time. It's like reading a mystery novel where someone dies and a detective starts investigating, and in the end, the detective just gives up and leaves without solving the mystery. I use this analogy because this entire movie was literally centered around the mystery of the two visitor characters. What good is a mystery movie if they intentionally don't resolve the mystery? To be clear I love abstract movies, and movies where the entire plot is a metaphor, such as "mother". This movie was not one of them. It's just a plain "mystery movie" that doesn't solve the mystery, doesn't even give you a hint almost as if the director wanted to troll the audience.

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