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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rbverhoef 7 / 10 / 10

Not bad, not great either

The problem with Woody Allen is that he has made great films, a lot, and that expectations for his work are always high. With 'Celebrity' it was not different and therefore it is a little disappointing. If another writer director would have made this film I think I would have liked it better. Maybe that is strange, to compare it with his other films simply happens. In 'Celebrity' we follow Kenneth Branagh who plays Woody Allen, although he is named Lee Simon. A movie without Woody Allen himself is nice, but with a character that basically is Allen, why not play it yourself? On the other hand, Branagh does a terrific job. We see how Branagh divorces his wife and after that we have single episodes of his life where he meets women, tries to make them his, fails or succeeds, only to enter the next episode. At the same time we follow his ex-wife, Robin (Judy Davis), who meets a new man Tony (Joe Mantegna) and does settle. Branagh is a writer. He writes a novel, has written two novels with bad reviews and now he finished a screenplay. In the episodes he tries to offer his script or new novel to people who can change it into a movie or book. We have Melanie Griffith and Leonardo DiCaprio as spoiled actors, Famke Janssen as a girl who really likes him and could help get his story into a book, Winona Ryder as the girl he has some real chemistry with and Charlize Theron as a supermodel. The problem is that every episode feels like an episode instead of everything combined as a movie. The Theron and DiCaprio episodes are great, the Winona Ryder episode is sweet, the others are pretty standard. The intercuts of the ex-wife's life are pretty good as well, but still feel as single episodes. Although the film as a whole is not that great there are enough moments to enjoy it. You will not be bored. The black and white photography looks terrific and that is something that makes the movie more pleasant. It is well acted and of course directed, but for a Woody Allen comedy it is not my first choice.

Reviewed by mdom 9 / 10 / 10

He does it again!!!

Woody Allen's imagination is endless. Once again he manages to captivate with this very smart and subtle tale of interrelated stories while delivering a very strong punch of social critique. If you are an Allen's fan you will like it, if not... don't bother. This is only a movie for the initiated.

Reviewed by PeterJuulRasmussen 9 / 10 / 10

Allan does Altmania...

Nice to know he's there. Woody Allan does it again. It's funny. It's great. It's real. Actors act. Kenneth Branagh does a great Woody Allan. It's a love story with a twist. Big issues rounded up in the circle of celebrity. How do we choose our idols? Why do we worship them? And how can we become celebrity? It's all done with Altmania, but it's everything Prêt-à-Porter isn't. If you're a Woody Allan fan and you haven't seen this one yet there is something to look forward to...

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