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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by flashfluidimdb 2 / 10 / 10

This is the lamest survival movie I have watched.

The whole idea that you could get snowed in in your car and not even try to break a window to dig you free is...ridiculous. Consider that they could hear vehicles passing by and they could get a cellphone connection (which appropriately got cut due to a dead battery). What sense does this make? Add to this the insipid dialogue, lack of any interesting plot revelation, and that the woman even gives birth in the car. They spend 15+ days in the car eating snow. Were they waiting for the movie to end? I was. In the meantime I just sent emails and read the news while watching inattentively for the movie in the background.

Reviewed by Xavier_Stone 3 / 10 / 10

Needs work

Just a poor story that needs something to make it interesting. All talk and zero action is going to put people to sleep fast, unless that's your intent.

Reviewed by mread 3 / 10 / 10

If you are American, this will leave you absolutely terrified.

As if being trapped in a car isn't horrifying enough, making a reference to the metric system is just terrifying. So terrifying in fact that the makers decided to dial it down a bit and call it Centigrade in a hope that most US viewers would not pick up on the fact that Centigrade is the old name for Celsius. As for the story, honestly it was a bit dull, although I'm not sure how exciting you can make a movie based upon two people sat in a car refrigerating at -22°F.(that's 243°K). Although saying that, Open Water did manage to pull off quite well a similar style movie in sense that the majority of it is just a single scene with two people yabbering to each other. So I guess this movie just needed more sharks.

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