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John Malkovich as Professor Sandiford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 9 / 10 / 10


Again the score on IMDb is way too low for this biography. The movie deserves a way higher rating then it actually has. Michael Peña played the role of Cesar Chavez brilliantly. From the first minute until the end you are completely absorbed by the story of this civil rights fighter. A non-violent fighter that deserves a lot of respect for what he has done for the poor, fighting the system and the rich elite in this corrupted world. It's thanks to men like him that poor people get their voice heard. Too bad the world has not more men like Cesar Chavez because we seriously need more of those. It's time that the rich become lesser rich and the poor lesser poor.

Reviewed by MovieHoliks 6 / 10 / 10

Decent Enough Biopic

I finally got around to watching this biopic off Netflix of UFW (United Food Workers) organizer, Cesar Chavez. I was thinking there had to have already been one made about him, but nope; this is the first dramatic film- only documentaries so far. Michael Pena is decent enough in the role. I found it interesting, reading at Wikipedia, that prior to taking the part, he knew very little about Chavez, in spite of the fact like his grandparents had been field workers I see so many biopics, and a lot of them are real schnooze-fests. But this one managed to keep my attention the whole way through. It goes through his battles with the big grocery store and vegetable/fruit chains, and eventually taking him all the way to Europe to organize. John Malkovich (who also produced) plays the owner of one of the big corps he is fighting. I found it interesting Malkovich produced this movie- since he is a known conservative I think-?? I believe he championed the cause since- out of his mouth- it was "the right thing to do"-?? Well, good for him. And, as for the film, I would recommend to those with an interest in the subject, otherwise go catch one of the thousand other biopics. I do think, however, down the road maybe a more complete biopic of this personal hero of mine will have to get made. Rosario Dawson and America Ferrera ("Ugly Betty") co-star.

Reviewed by Tom Dooley 6 / 10 / 10

Biopic of an almost forgotten civil rights leader

This is the story of Cesar Chavez who took on the planters and growers in the southern US in order to end exploitation of immigrant workers. On his way he made a lot of sacrifices but so did his family – he had eight children and the film captures some of the familial strife that he underwent too. We also have the parts played by numerous politicians from Bobby Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Ronald 'I don't use hair dye' Regan. This could be called one sided in that it is pretty black and white in its approach, however it has a genuine feel of authenticity and seems to match what I could find out about the man. That is the factual stuff; the emotional is obviously part poetic invention. Starring Michael Pena ('End of Watch' and 'Fury') who puts in a solid performance and with able support from, amongst others, John Malkovich. This is a film that does not require very much analysis and you can just kick back and enjoy it. The real strength here is the message of unity and education and how that can make a change for the better. I for one really enjoyed it and irrespective of your political hue there will be something here for most people.

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