Charlotte Gray


Drama / Romance / Thriller / War

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September 10, 2020


Billy Crudup as Ned Kynaston
Cate Blanchett as Charlotte Gray
Michael Gambon as Don Faranzano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by burrobaggy 7 / 10 / 10

Underrated war movie

Charlotte Gray was something of a box-office disaster in the States, which damaged its reputation in the rest of the world. While it's not hard to see why American audiences didn't go for it, it's harder to understand the malice European critics greeted it with. It's a pretty good portrait of resistance infighting (the Communists are setup by the De Gaullists as liberation approaches), local collaboration (the schoolteacher gladly helps the Nazis root out Jewish families) and the nuts and bolts of resistance work. No great heroics or big setpieces, which is probably why it tanked: the big climax is more an emotional risk than the rescue audiences probably wanted. Performances are mostly good - Blanchett is much better than contemporary reviews would have you believe in particular. There are better films, but it's a good movie and for my money better than the alright Lucie Aubrac. I liked it enough to buy the DVD.

Reviewed by garbagegal16 9 / 10 / 10

Beautiful depiction of 1940s France

I adore this movie. It is an extraordinary tale of one woman's courage and passion during World War Two. Cate Blanchett is remarkable and vibrant as always. She is really one of the most talented actresses. Billy Crudup is very charismatic and charming. This movie is both beautiful and tragic. It is definitely worth watching if you are looking for a film that will keep you fascinated and entralled. It's worth renting just to see the excellent chemistry between Blanchett and Crudup.

Reviewed by rps-2 9 / 10 / 10

A lovely film

If nothing else, the superb cinematography makes Charlotte Grey a winner. The picture is filmed through a creative and sensitive eye with wonderful angles, evocative moods and sensitive textures and shades. The rain and snow outside the train window in the opening scenes is somehow just so right. But photography aside, this is a gripping and well acted work that will satisfy fans of both war movies and love stories. Michael Gambon gives an Oscar worthy performance. It's also so nice to see a film that does not have one of those dreadful syrupy and impractical happy endings. Not that it's a totally sad ending. Call it a bitter sweet ending. In any case this film is an absolute delight from the titles to the closing scene.

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