Chasing Christmas


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by inkblot11 7 / 10 / 10

What the Dickens? Another re-do of Christmas Carol? Hey, this one is pretty entertaining

Jack (Tom Arnold) despises Christmas. Not only are his memories from childhood painful, his acrimonious divorce didn't help matters, either. So, even when his daughter is visiting, Jack doesn't want to go shopping for the trimmings or presents. Naturally, the Yuletide "powers that be" believe Jack needs a visit from, you guessed it, Christmas Past (Leslie Jordan), Present (Andrea Roth) and Future. But, what they don't count on is Past, very tired of his role, running away from Jack with his magic Christmas wand, in 1965! Now, lovely Present steps in to help Jack track down Past and work his way back into the present day. As they do so, they hop-skip to various Christmas pasts, including the one Jack spent with his new bride on a ski trip. What revelations appear! Therefore, will Jack get out of the past, lessons learned, and will Past return to save the day? This is really quite an entertaining take on the Dickens classic, where new versions come out every season. One of the reasons is that Arnold is extremely likable and humorous in the main role, as are Jordan, Roth and all of the others. Then, too, with the settings fluctuating from the fifties to the sixties, seventies and beyond, it is delightful to observe the fashions, hot gift ideas, et cetera. Also, the direction is lively and the script is cute. Ho, ho, ho, what fun it is to see Jack tied up with a string of Xmas lights and such! Need a new funny bone tickler for the holidays? Chase down this one.

Reviewed by adampascalfan2005 7 / 10 / 10

Unlike any version of "A Christmas Carol" you've ever seen.

I caught this movie on ABC Family and thought it was really funny. There have been so many versions of A Christmas Carol that it was nice to see them do something different with it. I really liked the way that Christmas was run by an office and the ghosts were like secret agents. I talked to my grandparents, who also saw it, and they didn't like how it leaves the story of A Christmas Carol and goes off on its own story. But that's exactly why I liked it. So maybe it's not an old person movie. It certainly wasn't traditional. It was nice to see Andrea Roth, who is on Rescue Me (which I am a big fan of) do something comedic. And the little guy who plays The Ghost of Christmas Past was good too. And any movie that references Star Wars Holiday Special is fine by me.

Reviewed by jackburto 7 / 10 / 10

Delightfully pleasant

I like this twist offered on the take of "The Christmas Carol". It is a refreshing change from the normal Christmas movie. It was touching, funny, and sentimental. It offers you a message of the importance of family without the usual archaic bore. Despite how Tom Arnold became to be known, he still delivers a believable performance. Leslie Jordan gives an outstanding performance. Andrea Roth was just adorable. The cast is above average in their roles. If you want the standard old stuff usually offered up for Christmas movies, then this is not the film for you. If you want something different and unexpected, then you can't miss.

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