Checkered Ninja


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EskeRahn 9 / 10 / 10

Really funny, but not for the minors.

Much better than his previous "Terkel i knibe", but a rather harsh detail very early on, make it unsuited for minor kids. I would say about 13+ as larger kids and adults can better cope with and enjoy his harsh and often grotesque humour, that often is spot on the types it portraits. and very very funny. it has a message too, so not just slap stick and profane language.

Reviewed by ValdSB 10 / 10 / 10

Anders Matthesen makes me proud to be a Dane!

Where to start! What a funny movie, that is well-suited for adults as well as kids. Sure there is some brutal moments, but they are done in a very humorous way, which make the brutal moments, a little less frightening for the younger audience. In "Ternet Ninja" we see a movie that is not only great comedy, but a lovely light-hearted story about justice. You can see how hard anders has worked on this movie. It's clear to see that he has studied the younger generations general behavior and slang, and therefore the dialogue between the kids is not only very funny, but also very realistic. Besides making a great script, Anders has also written some very good and funny songs as parodies on modern rap, and gives great voice-over performances. Also love that he brought back Terkel and Stewart Stardust, characters that fans of his former work will know for sure!

Reviewed by tanas56 10 / 10 / 10

Anders is back !!!!

This movie is awsome. So funny. The plot is so good. Funny all he way. If you like Terkel i knibe you will love this movie. Very original. I was a little sceptic at first . I dident think that i could be better then Terkel but i was wrong.

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