Cheech and Chong's Next Movie


Comedy / Crime / Sci-Fi

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Cassandra Peterson as Neighbor
Paul Reubens as Pee-Wee Herman / Desk Clerk - Groundling
Phil Hartman as Chick Hazard Private Eye
Rita Wilson as Hostage
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BlackJack_B 6 / 10 / 10

A slight drop-off from the first film but still watchable.

I was under the weather recently with a bad cold and fever and couldn't sleep. So I decided to see what would be on at 1:00 in the morning and Cheech & Chong's Next Movie was being aired so I checked it out. I've seen a number of their films and while they aren't the greatest comedies ever made they are much better than what is coming out these days. The characters that Richard Marin and Tommy Chong have created are so likable despite their many vices. Perhaps because the film seems more real and doesn't rely on over-the-top content makes the film a lot more entertaining. Of course, L.A. has always been a crazier city than Ottawa. In Next Movie, Cheech and Chong (unrelated to the characters of Pedro De Pacas and Anthony "Man" Stoner from Up In Smoke) are basically doing their thing in L.A., trying to find work and later go on Welfare. It's pretty much a "Day In The Life" of two stoners in L.A. in the first half of the film. In the second half, Cheech announces to Chong that he has a hot date and needs Chong to clear out as he plans to clean up their dumpy bungalow. He tells Chong to go see his cousin Red (also played by Cheech). Red and Chong have a crazy adventure together, starting with an attempt to get at the luggage of Red's. The hotel manager (Paul Reubens) won't allow him to get his property unless he pays his hotel bill. One of those bags contains tons of Mary-Jane. And it is the Mary-Jane that sets them on a wild adventure through the city. While the film isn't as laugh-as-loud as the first, there are plenty of outlandish moments, such as the antics of characters at the Welfare Office or seeing Cheech & Chong steal gasoline for their car. Chong annoys his neighbours with his own set of antics such as revving his motorcycle indoors and playing his guitar amped up to 11. The acting is uniformly good and nobody comes off as annoying. A good soundtrack is also offered. While Up In Smoke and Nice Dreams are the better films, Next Movie is still quite good. It's much better than the next trio of movies they made, including the disturbing Still Smokin'.

Reviewed by Captain_Couth 8 / 10 / 10

Second film starring the Cheech and Chong duo.

Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980) was the second film to star to pot loving duo of Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. The lovable burn out smokers are now roommates. They live in a condemned building looking for ways to score more smoke and just lay about all day. But Cheech is the "responsible" one. He has a job and a steady girlfriend. One day, Cheech wants to get his freak on so he tries to get Chong out of the house. Another problem arises as well, Cheech's brother "Red" (Cheech is another role) is in town and wants to hang with him. Firguring that he could kill two birds with one stone, Cheech pawns Chong off and Red. What kind of adventures will Chong and Red get into? Will Cheech get his freak on? How long will Chong go without some smoke? Just watch CHEECH & CHONG'S NEXT MOVIE to find out!! Tommy Chong takes over the directorial reigns for the sequel. He received some experience when he did some uncredited work on UP IN SMOKE. Funny but not as good as the first film. But Cheech and Chong fans will enjoy it. Followed by NICE DREAMS. Recommended.

Reviewed by CelluloidRehab 8 / 10 / 10

A good solution for today's expensive gasoline ...

A typical romp through Cheech and Chong's reality which includes drugs, singing, more drugs, cars and driving, even more drugs, Pee Wee, aliens, gasoline, laundry, stand up comedy, surprisingly more drugs and SPACE COKE !!. It is not as coherent or plausible as Up in Smoke but it still is incredibly funny, without becoming as strange as Nice Dreams. There are some classic scenes, which include the opening scene where they get some gas for their car and the drive to work. Also funny is Cheech's song (Mexican-Americans) and Chong's follow up song. Another notable scene is the welfare office scene with Jones (human noise machine), from the Police Academy series, and the old laughing man. All in all, this is a great follow up to Up in Smoke and is quite watchable when sober or not. -Celluloid Rehab

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