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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lizjonesm 8 / 10 / 10

surprisingly good

I wasn't over enthusiastic about watching this re reviews and film summary but pleasantly surprised..liked the family dynamics (very honest - also good film to show your daughter).. liked the contrast between "showy" people and country club staff. If I was Georgie would probably have ridden motorbike into a tree... although prob would just not have joined country club. But then have got drawn into peer groups in past myself.Some surprises along the way,...watched as trying to catch up on Vincent Donofrios' career and thought he played part of dispirited/bored/gentle middle aged man brilliantly... and loved the fight/drunk scenes and scenes with Georgia. budget let it down a little, but have learnt that lot to be said about independent/straight to DVD movies rather than mainstream cinema.

Reviewed by cekadah 8 / 10 / 10

A cardboard story

From the start you can see this movie won't hold up because it's all wet! The plot is predictable, the characters are mostly transparent, and the setting just doesn't complement the materialistic power grabbing characters. It tries to portray 'high finance' personalities but they look more like Walmart shoppers. The movie - taken as is - isn't a total loss because there is a bit of mystery along the way but getting through it is boring at times. And if the bank was in over its head why was Roger so eager to take control? Maybe I missed an important fact along the way but I'm not about to go back and find out why.

Reviewed by FiftyShadeSeattle 8 / 10 / 10

Great Movie

I saw this movie for the first time earlier today on TV and thought it was funny and very entertaining but it also had some serious real life situations it touched on. Though it was mainly about a family where the mom and dad weren't too happy with their financial situation while the other couple they hung out with were super rich. The wife starts drinking a little too much while the dad looks into opportunities to make some money. I enjoyed this movie a lot and think some of you would too.

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