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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kondurishivaprasad-45298 7 / 10 / 10

quirky, off-beat and un-Bollywood-y Hindi film

*** no spoilers *** I really liked the movie, nowadays most Bollywood movies are too dark subjects, biopics or overdramatise stories, so we need more like this soulful and lighthearted movies. Although characters need more depth story line but movie filled with basic human values , which shows there is a soft corner for every person who we think might be cruel adding to this the movie shows the society still values for good people. Mithila's action as an innocent girl is top notch and funny , Abhay deol's and Mithila's small moments of chemistry are heart touching . Overall the movies is worth a watch .

Reviewed by ellennie15 6 / 10 / 10


Having viewed early reviews online, not many were positive. I recommend you watch this movie and make your own opinion. Its different than your normal run-in-the-mill movie, its fun, smart, emotional all in one. Both Abhay Deol and Mithila Palkar take your attention, Abhay as the street smart artist (pun intended) and Mithila as the naive girl. The movie left me thinking about my life, and may do the same for you :)

Reviewed by anusaxena-88137 6 / 10 / 10

Chopsticks Review

Chopsticks is a sweet Drama-Comedy by Netflix. The Story basically revolves around a girl Nirma (Mithila Palkar) whose brand new car has been stolen & her only aim is to find her car, in the process she seeks the help from a con man named Artist (Abhay Deol). The Story directly starts with a showroom scene with Nirma buying a new car & giving a small hint of her character & her professional life. Then it directly goes to turning point where a con man steals her car. This doesn't help the audience to empathize much with her character. It would have been better if the story would have started with her personal & professional life problems & on that her only happiness of buying a new car & then moving to a point where it gets stolen would have created a much more impact on audience. The second flaw in the movie is directly focusing more on internal change of her character as the movie moves forward whereas it should have been like Nirma focusing on the ways to get her car back & in this process find the potential in herself. No doubt the idea of the story is good but some more work on the script would have made it a wonderful film.

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