Christmas Crash



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Alexandra Paul as Sandy
Brendan Penny as Dean Bartons
Melanie Papalia as Amanda Johnson
Michael Madsen as James
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wes-connors 3 / 10 / 10

No Winter Wonderland

Wealthy workaholic Michael Madsen (as Joseph "Joe" Johnson) doesn't show up for a dinner party planned by attractive wife Alexandra Paul (as Christine). This proves to be the last straw in their rocky marriage and she secretly begins planning a divorce. Still, the couple embarks on a Christmas vacation in the mountains, with young adult daughters Elyse Levesque (as Teresa) and Melanie Papalia (as Amanda). The former's boyfriend Brendan Penny (as Matt) goes along... This TV Movie is too predictable. The parents get in a plane and the titular "Christmas Crash" occurs. Luckily, she has some survival skills learned as a Girl Scout. While we wonder if they will make it out alive, forces maneuver to take control of Mr. Madsen's company. The script repeatedly mentions severe weather conditions, but this looks like a pleasant walk in the park. Worst of all, we have scant interest in whether these characters stay married, divorce or even live. *** Christmas Crash (11/10/08) Terry Ingram ~ Alexandra Paul, Michael Madsen, Brendan Penny, Winston Rekert

Reviewed by JaynaB 1 / 10 / 10

Trying to do too much

and doing none of it well. Lovely scenery. The wilderness lake and cloud-shrouded mountaintops are extremely familiar to me as a western Canadian. The plot is a bit garbled, what with the marital tension and the teenaged sister with the smarmy boyfriend who has ties to her father's company, which is under threat of a hostile takeover, and boyfriend's even more sinister boss who may or may not have orchestrated more than a financial slapdown. Plus the nice old family friend who may be too good to be true. Is it primarily a financial movie, a wilderness survival story, a marital post-mortem, a cautionary tale for teenage girls? A tourist advertisement for the area where it was filmed? The acting - anybody's acting - doesn't quite rise to the level of entirely inhabiting the character. Even the wolves aren't acting like real wolves. Sigh.

Reviewed by tracyforsyth 1 / 10 / 10

Very poor, not realistic

Good story line but terrible wilderness survival techniques take away from the plot, They swim to shore while the husband has a head injury, they have wet clothes what about hypothermia? and dehydration they mentioned they were gone 3 days, with the leg injury he would ? have lost more blood they did show the X for their spot however they should have stayed at their location not try to walk in the forest, Im not sure how they start the fires, and how could the tiny fire they had going give off that much smoke that was high enough for the helicopter to see it to find them they don't show realistic wolf behaviours, the wolf scenes give terrible reputation for the wolves.

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