Christmas in Carolina


Comedy / Romance

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Darius McCrary as Marlone
Kellie Shanygne Williams as Charlotte Saxon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matthewtessnear 2 / 10 / 10

Wanted to like it but don't

This movie is poor quality in everything, from writing and directing to photography and sound production. The over-acting is also impossible to ignore. I wanted to like this because it has the Winslow siblings from Family Matters who return to play siblings in this story. But there's nothing good about this effort. The story's not even good, and it advances illogically and without any sensibility. Don't waste your 75 minutes on this Christmas movie.

Reviewed by denmarkkc 1 / 10 / 10

Not a movie

What can be said about this one. The story is unrealistic and out of touch. The acting is bad and stiff. The sound is bad, the lighting is bad, the comedy is bad. Honestly this is the worst movie I've ever sat through. I guess they thought getting Laura and Eddie from Family matters was a draw so they put them on the advertisement and feature them in a few scenes and for some reason play they as brother and sister, I guess because of there past related roles, when they act more like husband and wife. The shirt 75 min run time is filled with about 30 minutes of musical montages where I guess they couldn't think of any dialogue. The funniest of these is watching several characters planning to wrap a gift for 5 minutes. This is a poor attempt at a bad movie. I would put this up against any of the famous bad movies and likely win.

Reviewed by benetbabiiboo 1 / 10 / 10

Would rate it a "0" if I could...

Absolutely horrific. The acting was horrendous, & soo was everything else, right down to the lighting. Take this movie off of all platforms.

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