Christmas Jars



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Doug Murray as Lyle Butler
Jennifer Gibson as Isabella Elias
Ron Lea as Adam Maxwell
Tara Yelland as Hannah Maxwell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markgauthier-16276 9 / 10 / 10

Great feel good movie

This is a bit of a Hallmark type feel good movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed the lack of sex and violence that is in so many of the movies today. This was just a good heart warming movie.

Reviewed by bindonjs 9 / 10 / 10

Great feel good story

I really enjoyed this movie. Well acted, with characters who were believable and sincere. The story was based on a best selling book, and had a more interesting plot than most recent Christmas movies. While the ending was predictable, it was so heartfelt and sweet, I had tears in my eyes.

Reviewed by trinaboice 9 / 10 / 10

Sweet, inspiring, and surprisingly funny

Ready for some Christmas spirit? Based on the 2005 New York Times best-selling novel by Jason Wright, this long-awaited, sweet movie has the magic of the holidays in spades. You WILL cry and you WILL be touched. I was surprised how many tissues I went through while watching it. The wet quantity proves I really enjoyed it. I'm so happy that Jason Wright was able to get his beautiful story turned into a movie. I interviewed him many years ago at a convention we were both attending. I remember he pulled out his cell phone and said, "You complete me." ha ha His endearing story and movie are about people who fill jars with their extra coins during the year and then anonymously deliver the gift to someone in need during the Christmas season. It's a story of hope, forgiveness, and love. It feels like a Hallmark movie. I mean that in a good way. Some of their movies can be too saccharine sweet and cheesy, but this one is very good. It's as clean and inspiring as you hope it would be. With a little humor, romance, mystery, and compelling inspiration, this family-friendly film is perfect for all ages. It's actually not a Hallmark movie though. It's presented by Fathom Events and BYUtv. Jeni Ross is outstanding as Hope, an idealistic, young reporter trying to get her break as a journalist. The casting was actually very good by Ilona Smyth, especially when she selected several little girls to illustrate Hope growing up. They all really looked like her! All of the cast seemed to have good chemistry and the characters are believable and realistic. Ashley Comeau was hilarious as the quirky elementary school teacher, Clara Zacher. It was such an amusing, awkward scene. She reveals the theme of the entire movie in a line she delivers during that scene. Ron Lea is immediately likable as Adam Maxwell. You'll pretty much want to be adopted into his loving film family. Doug Murray nailed his funny role as the salty Lyle Butler. Some of the actors smile a little too much, like they're super excited to be in a movie, you know? I would be too. Krista Jang provided a comedic gal pal to add some entertaining banter at the office. There is also some cute and entertaining background activity in some of the office scenes. There is quite a bit of humor to balance out the cheese and sugar. Some of the jokes and gags are pretty cheeky, especially lots of cliched tripping. Lovely music by Christopher Guglick. The transitions could have been more interesting and creative, but this is also Jason Wright's directorial debut, so double congrats to him! You can read the rest of my movie review online or watch my video review on the Movie Review Mom channel on YouTube. I think you'll really enjoy the movie!

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