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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jnoller 10 / 10 / 10

Heartwarming Christmas Story for the Family

I completely disagree with the reviewer that gave this movie a poor rating. In a day where all we see on TV is violence, death, and sex- this is a refreshing and heartwarming Christmas story for the entire family. Lindy Booth gives a great performance as a woman who is a planner and assists businesses and individuals who need advertisement or just advise how to succeed- however living such a busy and hollow materialistic life has left her loveless, cynical, and alone. Her relationship with her father is non-existent, and she is in desperate need of a wakeup call before it's too late! She meets a kindly older gentleman while filling up her automobile at a local gas station who will change her life in ways she never expected. This is a must see movie for Christmas!!

Reviewed by storygal141 9 / 10 / 10


A Hallmark classic if I ever did see one. The movie "Christmas Magic" starring Paul McGillion and Lindy Booth is a heartwarming Christmas tale made all the better considering that they're both Canadian. ^_^ "Christmas Magic" is about Kerry, a event planner who has no time for anything or anyone else. She is warned by a friendly bus driver to watch the road and not talk on her cell phone and when she doesn't she ends up as an angel who needs to earn her wings by completing an assignment by Christmas Eve. The assignment is to help Scott Walker, a widowed father who is struggling with a restaurant and the weight of his wife's death five years previously. Kerry just waltzes into his life, charms his staff, endears herself to his daughter who can see that she's an angel, and ends up completely turning his business around by introducing him to 'Dimitri' an up and coming artist. Throughout it all, sparks begin to fly between Kerry and Scott however their fledging relationship is threatened by Kerry's distance (due to the fact that she's an angel) and Scott's semi-interest in another woman (Lynett, a rival of Kerry's) however thanks to Lynett bragging about her apparent win over Kerry, Scott realizes that his daughter was right about Kerry being an angel and with moments to spare on Christmas Eve, he finds out that Kerry has only been in a coma and through a song, Scott is able to bring her back to him. All in all, this movie is fantastic and I've watched it three times in the past three days.

Reviewed by Geeman1 9 / 10 / 10

Enjoyed this movie very much

A nice twist on a Christmas story line. Main character does not realize her life is unfulfilled. Lindy Booth does a nice job of carrying the emotions of the season. This has become an annual watch for myself and my family! The Christmas angel played by bus driving Dererk McGrath is well done and subtle...never over the top. I found the background music soothing and understated. I hate movies where the music does not fit the movie and causes the scenes to be cluttered and rough to watch. Kiara Glasco as the daughter is terrific as well. The actors all do fine starting out slow and building relationships. Again I have to give credit to Lindy Booth...she does not try to hard to show emotion but allows her genuine spirit to shine.

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