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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheOpsdoc 8 / 10 / 10

A Surprising Christmas Treat

This film was a real surprise. I expected a "Hallmark" type Christmas movie - nice, but shallow. Christmas Manger was a wonderful current day Christmas story. Given what must have been a very small budget and mostly unknown actors, there is a real depth to the story and the characters as the movie progresses. The main character is a senior man who recently lost his much loved wife. The story itself is about the redemption of flawed individuals that is so much a part of the promise of the Christmas manger.

Reviewed by allisonluttrell 8 / 10 / 10

Family movie, for real!

This movie was filmed in my hometown, and our beautiful horse, Blaze, plays Ranger in the movie. (We weren't in the credits, but should have been-- Luttrell Farms provided the horse) what I enjoyed most about this movie was the fact you can actually watch this with your kids without fear of them seeing or hearing anything inappropriate..which is rare these days. This is a wholesome movie with a great message. I recommend it highly. And love seeing familiar sights from my little Kentucky town!!

Reviewed by Hollywood_Yoda 8 / 10 / 10

A Great Holiday and Spiritual Film

The acting in the film wasn't the best, but good for a B-film. It was very surprising to see Tara Reid in a Christian film, very out of character for her. Not sure who casted this film, but have they seen her resume? However, she plays a rude, loud mouthed lawyer and is a very unappealing character. The story was great though, about a rancher who has lost his wife and reunites with his adopted daughter. Eventually, the rancher and the town come together for Christmas. It was sort of a Hallmark-y story, but not hokey. It seemed genuine and very heart felt. A happy ending.

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