Christmas on the Coast


Drama / Romance

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May 11, 2020



Bonnie Bedelia as Martha
Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Pastor Bruce Barnes
Julie Ann Emery as Rae Jaffe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rachel_fishburn 5 / 10 / 10


Bonnie Bedelia's portrayal of Dolly Parton was cringeworthy at best.

Reviewed by pettitx 8 / 10 / 10

Southern bashing

I wanted to like this movie- I think the general story line could be good. However, I was so annoyed (& somewhat offended) at the portrayal of southern people, I had to quit watching. First, the OBVIOUSLY FAKE accents were terrible - especially, Bonnie B's. Second, all southerners do not have to have bread or crackers with everything we eat. We are willing to eat vegetables- heck, a lot of us even grow them ourselves. And, who decided that southerners always reenact civil war era events?!? That is in so many movies yet I have NEVER known a person who participates in that type of activity. I wish movie producers would utilize talented southern actor/actresses/directors and/or educate themselves on true life in the south!!

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 / 10 / 10

Don't give up before the end

I was hating Drucinda and thinking this movie was a total downer. And then with one line by Brysen, one very quick flash view of a bell and a scripture verse, and then my looking up the verse, I realized that all that I was thinking was the point of this movie. There is a stealth message here and it reveals the true meaning of Christmas. Not the meaning of Christmas you get from all the Hallmark movies which say that family, and friends, and tradition, and giving, are the true meaning of Christmas. No this movie is about why the faithful come joyful and triumphant to Bethlehem. Drucinda says it to Brysen. She was awful. This is a character who has betrayed everyone she knows, and all her people, all for her own selfish motives. And she deserves what she is getting. She deserves the rejection. She deserves the punishment. But instead she gets forgiveness. Up until the moment that Brysen said that one line, I had been thinking that there is no way this woman can save herself with a magnanimous gesture. There is no way she can be saved. There is no way she can be forgiven. That. Is. The. Point. She can't. The verse reference that was quickly flashed on the screen was Romans 10:13 "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved." They can't save themselves. I said that it is a stealth message. You really have to know the message to catch it. There is even some human based thinking thrown in which confuses it a little, but I have to think that someone involved with writing the story wanted a Christmas movie to have the real meaning present for once, even if it was hidden a little. Don't get me wrong. I doubt that anyone who misses the message will like this movie much. It is a downer for all but about 2 minutes. The touching ending isn't enough to save it. Drucinda is very unlikable. The acting has some very weak moments. I didn't care for the soundtrack. I would have given this movie 3 or 4 stars if it weren't for the canny twist that allowed the message to peak out.

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