Christmas on the Square

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Christine Baranski as Miss Strapford
Dolly Parton as Mona Stangley
Treat Williams as Roger Mortis
Vivian Nixon as Ayan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by murphytwerps 1 / 10 / 10

Hard to watch

I love musicals, I love Dolly and I love Christine Baranski. I hate this movie. The story is utter garbage, character motives are nonsensical, the songs are horribly written and the acting is hard to watch, bar 2/3 exceptions. Christine Baranski does what she can with the role, but the bad writing combined with the surprising amount of religion heavily sprinkled throughout this movie, I found myself pulling my hair out. I hate this move so much and I will never ever watch it again.

Reviewed by Blk_Ne190 7 / 10 / 10

A Sugary Sweet But Grounded Movie

This movie is perfectly lovely. It is sweet and more grounded than your typical holiday movie. It has lots of cute moments too. It does have the same trappings but it has more going on than them sort of movies. It runs rings around Hallmark movies as it is so inclusive and diverse. I will say it was a little bit too pious for me but that is just me and i guess some holiday movies are like that, it is about Christmas at the end of the day i guess. I didn't love the dancing if i am honest too. It seemed a bit manic at time. It was hard to keep track of and it felt like there were just too much people all trying to dance together. Christine Baranski is fantastic, i would watch her in anything. She is so great i was in fact kind of here for her being this no nonsense business lady just doing what ever she wanted. I don't think the movie wanted me to feel like that but she is just so good. The acting starts to plummet from there though apart from Jeniffer Lewis and Dolly. I really didn't enjoy the pastor or any of the towns people to be fair. At times when watching just the towns folk i felt like it bordered on your local church group putting on a Christmas show. I even skipped some of their songs because it was pretty bad. I think you could probably watch it if ou like this type of movie, like i said it does have something over Hallmark movies and it has Christine Baranski and Jennifer Lewis that is all you really need.

Reviewed by jakethesnake-42007 7 / 10 / 10

Cheesy and awful but all in a good way

Ok you have to go into watching this with an open mind. The sets are like it's a play and I think that's the point and that's what oddly worked for the film. The songs are fun and serious and again it oddly worked. The acting is over the top and at times bad but it's a Christmas musical what do you except. The plot has been done countless times before but with Dolly she just makes it magical. Overall it's full of chess and over the top acting and musical scenes but it all works cause you can't take Christmas in the square serious.

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