City of Ghosts


Documentary / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mirandelaxxl 1 / 10 / 10

Liars and "Fake News" at full speed

After ISIS defeat, suddenly we get "heroes" who make an secret U turn then claim to be "brave". I am one of those who followed week by week the whole drama in Syria long before this shameless "documentary" come to the light. One cant be fooled again when in first 5 minutes the author try to "convince" us, with no shame at all, ISIS appear from nothing, like an evil incarnation. Matthew Heineman selective memory choose to falsify the history, by keeping all in dark when it come to Al- Nusra, Al- Jaball and other dozens of small terror groups born from the fake FSA, groups who receive intense support on logistics, hardware, financial, etc from US and so called "coalition". The same terror groups who shortly after "revolution" turn to ISIS and integrate all on this cancer so called "caliphate". This is not journalism, its just an shameless piece of defamatory propaganda who try to avoid any responsibility of the West in the creation and spread of ISIS. Today we all know who bring the terrorists on Syria, who pay for weapons, who train them, and, most important, we all know was not a real "revolution" like this piece of trash try to brainwash us, but yes just an failed "Libya 2.0" coup-de-eta . The REAL heroes are the people of Syria, who die defending their country against of jihadi animals.

Reviewed by aaakachh 9 / 10 / 10


I felt like some of the scene were fake like how can you see your father get shot in the head and then you say i dont know good movie ,fake scene was not needed

Reviewed by ruralmilo 9 / 10 / 10

Poetic and contemplative

There arent enough superlatives for this movie. Really is one of those feats of documentary film making that reminds you that films can be genuine agents for insight and change. Outstanding.

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