City War


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Robin Shou as Killer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leighm 8 / 10 / 10

Violent and emotional.

Chow Yun-Fat and Ti Lung are a good team, and any film with these two actors in it has an automatic quality quotient. Without these two, City War would have been just another violent, blood-spattered look at the never ending-battle between good and evil as played out in the streets of Hong Kong. Ti Lung plays Ken, a 20-year veteran cop with a temper who ten years ago shot not to kill but to capture a criminal named Ted (played with an astounding amount of malevolence by Norman Chu); Chow Yun-Fat as Dick Lee is a younger cop, a crack shot and skilled mediator who, though ten years less on the force, is his buddy's superior officer. When Ted gets out of prison the first thing he does (after an unsuccessful quasi-rape of his girlfriend) is go looking for the guy who sent him to prison. Hiring some Mainland baddies to do the dirty work, he plots his revenge but things go wrong and only Ken's wife and daughter are killed and his son seriously wounded. Because of the way things happened leading to his son's injury, Ken blames his friend Dick for the mishap; Dick, in order to redeem himself in Ken's eyes, goes on a murderous rampage which sees bodies flying left and right. The chemistry between Chow Yun-Fat and Ti Lung makes this film worth watching at least once. The final scenes in the bus terminal are violent enough for any HK action fan. For those sensitive to such things, there's a fair amount of violence involving women being beaten and shot and there is violence done to children in the storyline. The character of Dick Lee is interesting, and there is a very erotic scene between Dick and his flame-of-the-moment in a discotheque. The real emotion though is reserved for the "until death do us part" relationship between Dick and Ken. Rent it for the performances of the two leads. Just to see these two greats performing together is worth the time and money spent.

Reviewed by winner55 9 / 10 / 10

emotional openness

while not a great film, of the first round of 'new wave' action films to come out of Hong Kong in the later 1980s, this has been the most imitated - not the films of Woo and Lam. Probably the main reason for this is that the characters wear their emotions on their sleeves. When it's time to have fun, they do nothing but have fun, when it's time to cry, they cry rivers. And of course, when it's time to fight, they go at it with a fury rarely seen in action films - which of course makes this a very good action film, since such fury is really what action film fans want to see. This emotional openness invites over-acting, and there are certainly moments of that here, especially from the usually more guarded Chow Yun-Fat. On the other hand, this is a perfect venue for Ti Lung, who was trained in the more histrionic method expected of all Shaw Bros. stars of the '70s; and Ti Lung's performance really makes this film believable, despite some rather twists in the relationships presented here (such as the odd respect everyone pays to the aging triad boss). It's a tough, dramatic story, and the gun-fight at the end is among the best in Hong Kong action cinema. Certainly not a classic like "The Killer" or "City on Fire", but you won't go wrong watching this, even a couple times.

Reviewed by dworldeater 9 / 10 / 10

Brutal and melodramatic HK action classic

City War is a gritty, grim and hard hitting melodramatic action movie .Chow Yun Fat and Ti Lung team up again (this was released one year after A Better Tomorrow 2) for some more heroic bloodshed . Even though our protagonists are cops , I do consider this a heroic bloodshed film. Ti Lung is a tough , bad tempered cop named Kerosine Ken. Ken put away triad baddie Ted Yiue( played most vicious by Norman Chu) and now that he is out of prison is looking for revenge.CYF plays Ken 's buddy is a smooth talking hostage negotiator and ladies man.There is a little comedy early on but disappears as the film builds to its violent, nihilistic climax.As things rapidly go to hell CYF and Ti Lung go all out for revenge.Director Sun Chun did a fine job on this film . While in the same vein as John Woo's films, City War is much darker, gritty and gloomy in tone and style .With the incredible talent and chemistry of CYF and Ti Lung , City War really holds up well as an awesome work of heroic bloodshed.

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