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Reviewed by callanvass 7 / 10 / 10

A highly underrated coming of age film. I miss the 80's

What's with all the people calling this a modernized version of the Graduate? It does have similarities, but this also has its own mind as well. One thing that immediately caught my attention before deciding to watch this film was the amazing 80's cast. Many people in this movie had yet to experience their stardom at this juncture. Rob Lowe was just starting out, so was John Cusack, Alan Ruck, Andrew McCarthy, Virginia Madsen, among a couple others. It was neat to see them so young and inexperienced. I personally think this is a great film about the pressures of temptation, and the difficulty of high school. The two major story lines are Rob Lowe (Skip) and Andrew McCarthy's (Jonathan) friendship, and the love storyline between McCarthy & Jacqueline Bissett (Ellen) Yes. It does resemble Hoffman & Bancroft from the graduate a little bit, but I still thought it was pretty well done. The love scenes are fairly steamy, and McCarthy & Bissett were both professional, and didn't seem to be awkward as far as I'm concerned. Some of the pranks you'll see in this film are quite taboo at this day and age. Rob Lowe pulling a prank on Andrew McCarthy, involving Women's underwear comes to mind, as is a suicide gag that was done here in the beginning. It pushed the envelope a little bit, and honestly? I dug it quite a bit. Andrew McCarthy is solid for the most part. His character does some selfish things at times, and he's especially unsympathetic at the end with how he acts towards Rob Lowe. But he was likable 85% of the time. I've always felt McCarthy was a bit underrated. Rob Lowe is good as well. He can play a charismatic jock in his sleep, and he does it well again here. His character evolves slowly throughout the film and I ended up liking him a lot. Jacqueline Bissett is very sexy, and plays her role to perfection. I definitely felt for her at times. John Cusack shows off that dorkyish charm that he is well known for. The end fight sequence between Lowe & McCarthy is well staged, but a bit OTT. As I aforementioned previously, I was on Lowe's side, and McCarthy was a bit of a dick. Overall this is a very good coming of age film. I don't pay attention to picky critics. I focus on what I enjoy. It made me realize why I enjoy the 80's so much. 7.8/10

Reviewed by TOMASBBloodhound 6 / 10 / 10

Being a young man can be very humiliating.

Class is the story of a shy, clumsy, but very intelligent young man played by Andrew MaCarthy who transfers to an exclusive prep school for his senior year of high school. He comes from a working-class background and has more than a little trouble getting comfortable in his new surroundings. It doesn't help matters that he has to share a room with an obnoxious rich kid played by Rob Lowe. Throughout the film we see McCarthy learn lessons about love, academics, and friendship. This is a very uneven film; often switching from comedy to heavy-handed mature themes almost on a dime. The comedy for the most part hits the mark. The dramatic elements are just not believable. I have never seen a film go to so much trouble to humiliate its main character. Some of the things that happen to McCarthy are pretty funny, but others almost make you feel sorry for the poor kid. McCarthy is barely on campus for five minutes before Lowe convinces him to put on women's underwear and parade around in the commons area. McCarthy thinks it is some type of senior ritual that is done every year, but he soon finds out that only he is participating in it. Lowe then locks him out of their dorm and he is forced to climb in through a second story window with hundreds of other students taunting him. Now that is the type of thing that can scar for life! There are a few other scenes where McCarthy's humiliation continues. He journeys to a trendy bar in Chicago and is made a fool of twice in front of the whole place. In a show of sympathy, a rich older woman feels sorry for him and takes him to a motel and nails him. In what has to be one of the biggest contrivances in movie history, that woman turns out to be Lowe's unbalanced alcoholic mother! They screw around for a few weekends before she finds out he goes to her son's school and then promptly runs out on him. (That would be a hell of a thing to learn!) The film's biggest laugh comes from the scene directly after that one. In it, McCarthy is sitting in the rain at a bus stop waiting for Lowe to show up and give him a lift back to school. He couldn't be any more depressed until Lowe comes screeching up to the stop; sending a tidal wave of rain water cascading over the dejected McCarthy! McCarthy is depressed for quite a while after being dumped, but he is still unaware that the woman of his dreams was his best friend's mother. In a truly uncomfortable scene at their home during the Xmas holiday, they meet again. The film gets way too serious from that point on. The only laughs in the last half hour stem from the investigation of stolen SAT tests on the campus by a nerdy bureaucrat from the state attorney general's office. In one hilarious scene, the students think the officer is there to bust them for drugs. We see about a hundred young men scurrying to the bathroom to flush all of their joints, pills, and whatnot. One guy even tries to flush an entire pot plant that's about six feet high! Towards the end, things get really serious. Lowe finally finds out his mother and McCarthy are screwing around. He knows McCarthy illegally bought an SAT test. Will he turn him in? Will the boys get into Harvard? What will become of Lowe's parents? What will become of McCarthy's dog? If you care enough to find out, give this film a chance. If nothing else, it has some very early performances by some people who went on to greater things. It was McCarthy's debut. Alan Ruck, John Cusak, Virginia Madsen (nice boob shot, by the way!), and several other recognizable faces are present. 6 of 10 stars. So sayeth the Hound.

Reviewed by CharlieBucket 6 / 10 / 10

Teenage Sex-Farse with a serious side.

Though this movie was clearly designed to have mass-market teen appeal, it has a serious side that makes it stand out from other movies of the same type. The premise, a teenage boy's first sexual encounter turns out to be with his roommate's mother, is contrived to arouse curiosity among adolescents. Combine this with unsophisticated humor and flaunting of authority and you have the formula for a popular teen romp. But it seems that there is a movie with some sensitivity and drama trapped within this rather restrictive framework. The boy is torn between his friendship with his roommate and his relationship with his friend's mother. The woman is repressed and intimidated by her husband and finds a sense of freedom in this forbidden relationship which she can't seem to let go. The result is a movie that tries to be both a high school date movie of the week and an adult drama, landing somewhat awkwardly somewhere in the middle. It does have some laughs though and some before-they-were-famous appearances that might make it worth while.

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