Class of Nuke 'Em High


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by insomniac_rod 7 / 10 / 10

A "masterpiece" of crap dedicated for a juvenile audience.

I'm glad I was part (I was very young but still) of the Troma boom. Troma is a production company well known for crappy and sometimes cheesy movies. This isn't the exception! Oh no, "Class of Nuke 'Em High" has the winning formula that has given Troma a name in the business. We have cheap but likable f/x, glorious and gratuitous nudity, kick-ass action, cheap music , and campy acting. This is my kind of entertainment. Thank you USA's "Up All Night" for educating me on crap cinema. I got majors thanks for it. This movie has plenty of good black humor and intense action a la Troma. So you get a sui generis cheap action flick with the occasional mix of blood and boobs. No, don't expect a typical high school although in my teenager years I expected my school to look like this! A classic in Troma. If you want to get in the ideology of this noble production company, watch "Class of 'Nuke Em High". Jeez, even the title fits with everything.

Reviewed by rutt13-1 7 / 10 / 10

Back in the day...

Troma amuses me, no doubt, but I really like the older stuff better. "Class of Nuke 'em High" is a great example. Nowadays it's like Troma's gotten TOO good at what they do, which sort of kills the charm of their special brand of filmmaking (Though I anticipate "Citizen Toxie"). This one's pretty funny in just about every way, completely ridiculous all around. I love that the pot grows right outside the power plant and only 1 or 2 workers notice. I love how all the signs featured look like someone glued cut-out construction paper letters to a piece of poster board. I love the dialogue from the fat guy who runs the power plant. I love the Cretins' incredible overacting, and who couldn't love the monster? The heroine's pretty cute, too, and this is just that special brand of cheezy charm Troma used to bring us....I guess it's tough to recommend it to anybody who doesn't already have a taste for this stuff, but if you do and haven't seen it, rent it! And check out the narrator's voice in the trailer when he announces the title....

Reviewed by The_Void 7 / 10 / 10

Hilarious trash flick!

When it comes to stupid trash films, Troma have no equal; and while the vast majority of their output is absolute rubbish, now and again you'll find a few gems in the rough; and unlikely as it may seem, Class of Nuke 'Em High is one such gem. The film presents a post-apocalyptic style similar to that seen in films such as The Warriors and Escape From New York, and blends it with the idea of a school being run by several students; which is reminiscent of the hit thriller Class of 1984. This is all then mixed in with stoner culture; as its toxic weed that causes all the problems, and you have a recipe for a successful trash flick. The film opens with a 'routine nuclear evacuation drill' at Tromaville High; a school situated next to a nuclear power plant. One kid goes mental, and it's not long before we see that a local gang are buying weed from a nuclear plant worker and selling it to the kids at school. The weed grows faster than normal; and there's a reason for that, as toxic waste has contaminated it and pretty soon the kids of Tromaville High start acting rather strangely... If this film was made by any other production company; I'd probably say it has a point to make about the advent of nuclear power, but since this is Troma it's clear that they've simply lifted a common fear and turned it into a schlock film. There's absolutely no point to it; but seeing all the general carnage is a lot of fun, and director Richard W. Haines isn't afraid to go completely over the top, despite the obvious limitations of his special effects budget. The film plays out something like a zombie movie; although there are influences from other sources, and not all the afflicted characters turn into mindless beings. The gang at the centre of the film is an interesting troupe, and their style fits the jokey tone of the film very well. It's good to see a film like this that has a sense of humour, and absolutely nothing in the film is to be taken seriously; shown best by the fact that the central location is 'Tromaville', and is the 'toxic chemical capital of the world'! The special effects towards the end get a little silly, but it's all in good fun; and while this movie won't be to everyone's tastes, if you enjoy schlock horror - you'll love this!

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