Classroom 6


Horror / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by missypat 1 / 10 / 10

Sad piece of film

I'm usually quite patient with bad movies, but this one was painful. I think a creative child with an Iphone probably would have done better camera work than this crew. Sure camera POV is efficient in general to set an atmosphere "à la Blair Witch", but this time it's mostly bad camera work, bad lighting. It's incessantly shaky with too many scenes where the only thing visible are the actor's crotches and off voices which aren't clear at all. The best camera work was with the camera on tripod from the scenes in the hall and haunted bathroom. The sound was bad, the actor's all spoke at the same time rendering dialogue quasi-inaudible. As for the acting, it's a miss. The interviewer girl is annoying, and continues to be more so until the end. The psychic is probably the better "actor" amongst them, but the script is deficient. The result is just sad. It is not scary but merely uninteresting and unoriginal. If you want to spend 1h16min watching people sitting around a banal looking classroom screaming and freaking themselves out, this is the movie for you. Otherwise, stay away from Classroom 6, where boredom is the true killer.

Reviewed by manuelasaez 2 / 10 / 10

Horrendous in every sense of the word

I am usually a fan of found-footage for a few key reasons; 1. The acting is usually on par to many big-time Hollywood productions. 2. The use of practical effects over CGI makes things look more realistic. This movie has nothing, and I mean NOTHING, redeemable, to the point where I am wondering if I should contact the creators and ask for my time back from watching their abortion. The actors are not competent enough to carry the film, and end up being more annoying than you would care to admit. Seriously, I wanted the whole cast dead within the first 35 minutes. The story has been done ad nauseam, and so much better by more talented individuals. There are no special effects to speak of, and the few moments where anything happens are so few and far between that you begin to wonder if this movie was just an excuse for some people to be seen some twisted vanity project. The worst offender is the neck-beard holding the camera; he was just an insufferable tool, and the constant shaking of his Tourette's like camera work actually made me nauseous, to the point of vomiting. Very rarely have I had this sensation of physically being ill from the movement of the camera in a film, and this a$$hole succeeded in that respect. The moral of this travesty; some people are not cut out to write, direct or star in a film, and the public should make it their duty to constantly remind them of the fact. DO NOT give this movie your precious time. You will regret every grueling moment of it.

Reviewed by inertiia 2 / 10 / 10

Back to School! (see what I did there?)

I'll start by openly admitting that I'm one of those people who actually enjoy found footage movies, even this type of Grave Encounters mimicry, but this was not an enjoyable experience. The set up had promise but didn't manage to deliver anything but the worst of the genre. Too many characters confused what little plot there was and the scares (even jump scares) were non existent. The atmosphere was okay and i did like the way they chopped in forward flashes of things to come but overall it failed. It failed to follow story lines through, it failed to answer any of the questions it asked, it failed to make me care about the people and it failed to scare. It is short but when there are so many movies out there that do it right (or at least to a satisfactory standard) there's just no point in watching this one, it will disappoint.

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