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Charles Grodin as Martin Daniels
Martin Short as Clifford Daniels
Mary Steenburgen as Amy Robbins
Richard Kind as Richard Kline
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by breezybrisbane 8 / 10 / 10

The bestest movie ever!...OK, not really

In this funny, but slightly crude film, Martin Short uses his young face and tricky camera angles, I think, to play the part of a ten year old boy. What is really funny is that he is obviously not a ten year old boy, yet he is perfectly capable of the role due to his bizarre sense of humour. This film showed on a television station that normally shows Disney B movies. Movies released in the 90's are not really my thing, but this one was really cute! There were a few offensive words and crude moments ( such as one reference to a "secret space" and other jokes about pedophiles ) but if these go in one ear and out the other, than it won't be a problem for you. Martin Short has the most hilarious face, capable of contorting to give a weird, childish look that creeps out even the on screen characters. The opening and closing shots reminded me of "Boy's Town" and gives us a chance to see Martin Short under layers of latex for his role as an elderly priest. All in all, not a bad effort.

Reviewed by cseat 7 / 10 / 10

Martin Short is Funny..........Isn't He?

Am I one of only a handful of people who think Martin Short is hysterical? The only way a goofy plot like the one in this film could possibly work is if the lead actor was a true genius of comedy, a man among Canadians, a charming elf-like creature I like to call Martin Shortman. Martin Short relies heavily on facial movement and voice tonal changes to make his character Clifford funny. Through the annoyance of his dear Uncle Martin surely we all can get along and laugh together as a family of opinionated movie viewers just looking for a good time, a few chuckles now and then to make us forget that we have low paying jobs and live in shoddily built ranch-style homes overlooking well built but poorly placed sewage treatment plants. Bottom line is that if you really like Martin Short then you will think this movie is hilarious, if you don't then don't waste your time because you can't have it back.

Reviewed by sachinphanse 7 / 10 / 10

Nice movie

I just watched this movie on TV and came here to see what other people think about it. I was very much shocked to see that the lead actor Martin Short was 40+ when this movie was made. He is playing a 10 year old brat in this movie and I got to say he has done very well at that. Though he doesn't quite look like a 10 year old but he surely comes close to it. This is a movie about a 10 year old boy, Clifford, who is very mischievous and raises hell everywhere he goes. Sick of his mischiefs, his parents leave him with his Uncle who is a middle-aged man and is trying to convince her fiancée that he likes kids and that's the reason why he agrees to keep Clifford with him. As the movie goes on, Clifford completely destroys his Uncle's life with his pranks because he didn't take him to the local Dinosaur Park. Although the ending wasn't the best but most of the movie is really good. This may not be the best movie you'll ever see but its a nice one to watch with your family. I think kids will really like it. It is really hilarious. I was very surprised to see the IMDb user rating for this movie being a moderate 4.2 and that's why I thought I should stand up for this movie. I think its far better than what the rating suggests.

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