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Eoin Macken as The Man
Indira Varma as Ruttie Jinnah
Noomi Rapace as Maja
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nemesis42 8 / 10 / 10

Hats off.

Gritty, realistic, no James Bond style bullcrap hero vibe. Action realistic and logical, which is refreshing, with characters who make common sense decisions for a change. Ending comes in a bit sudden and unexpected and I would have liked to know more about the 'villains'. Who exactly were they working for, and even how many groups of them were there. The film was brilliant up until this ending. Not a disaster, but some things left unexplained. And yes, Noomi Rapace was quite impressive here. Good job Noomi and the rest of the film making team. Hats off :)

Reviewed by welldai634 7 / 10 / 10

A non glossy look at a PPO

As an ex PPO (Trained, still licensed, but not active) I have to remark that one of the many positives from this movie was it wasn't all 'glossy'. The BG wasn't portrayed as a superwoman who had amazing insights and powers. It came across as she was slightly OCD about surveillance and escape routes (ain't we all?) and a little neurotic and distrustful (again, not a bad thing). The fight scenes were realistic insomuch she took a kicking as she was physically smaller, but possessed the will to drive on and fight out. All in all, it may not be an Oscar winner as it lacked entertainment value, but being a PPO isn't about providing entertainment. Personally, I think this is up there with 13 hrs in its portrayal of what the Private Security industry is about - poles apart, but professional

Reviewed by ajlxumuka 7 / 10 / 10

Not sure why the rating is so low

I liked it but the rating seems too low . Not everyone can watch and enjoy every single movie so i understand but cmon ive seen 6+ movies that are so bad.. ;d

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