Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheHigherSpace 2 / 10 / 10

Good For Him ...

If you can convince people to pay you a lot of money to buy your books, courses and then go meditate with you (to contact aliens!) then good for you. I respect cult leaders so much because I can't even begin to understand how they do it. That earns this "documentary" the second star ... If you can take money away from morons, do it all day everyday, it's good for evolution! This greer guy is doing us a service! (yes he is destroying every last bit of "maybe" in the minds of people skeptical about UFOs, but still, Kudos!)

Reviewed by ed-503-465183 1 / 10 / 10

If you enjoyed the 2006 movie The Secret, but thought it lacked alien conspiracies, you'll probably enjoy this movie

This movie is 'The Secret,' or 'What the Bleep is Going On,' from the early '00s, except with aliens. There wasn't much to it except for new age woo-woo centered around the belief in alien visitors. You have to suspend disbelief to get through this movie. It presented no new ideas or evidence to soften my skepticism. I suspect the only people who will enjoy this film will be true believers. If you're a skeptic of ufology, I'd recommend you pass on this one. It's a waste of time. If you want to watch an alien-themed work of fiction, watch Steven Spielberg's 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Reviewed by cavemanchefzach 1 / 10 / 10

His app ruins everything he stands for

The ad to download his $10 app at the very end of this film really left a bad taste in my mouth. And really goes against everything he says he stands against. The black opp government programs keeping it a secret for their own financial gain. And how we need to bring this to light. And then asks us to pay for an app to be enlightened. Lolol. Wow! Is all I have to say. Ruins everything I was believing up until that very moment. What an idiot I am for going that far in the movie. He should be ashamed of himself. This is all BS. To make him money. Or else he would give the app for free. Dont be dumb and pay $10 to make this jackass rich off of our imaginations. Great work Greer

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