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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reimondo-ag 9 / 10 / 10

Heart-warming and Touching Story

Close-knit is a heart-warming story about a girl being devoid of motherly love, taken in by her uncle family, where she met a rather different person, a transgender woman, who was living together with her uncle. It was then she had the experience of what's it's like being in a normal family, being taken care and showered with love that she has never felt before. Ikuta Toma threw in a superb performance, different from the usual cool and handsome lead actor roles, playing as a transgender woman. Same goes for the child actor who played as a girl who put up a tough front towards everyone around her as she has no one else but herself to rely on. Nonetheless, she is still being a child emotionally vulnerable and yearns for affection. There were a few tear-jerking and touching moments that you can't help but feel for the characters. This film strives to show that there are different types of people in the world and for them, having the courage to accept themselves as well as having the support of loved ones around them will make a difference in their lives. And That love can come in different forms and that they are beautiful in their own ways. This film was shown as part of film festivals across several countries.

Reviewed by lantis-68299 8 / 10 / 10

Touching portrayal of real issues.

I really enjoyed this movie, not only because the main character is portrayed by my favorite Japanese actor, Toma Ikuta. The story is very deep and beautifully told, much more substantial to most Japanese dramas I have seen so far. Ikuta's performance is excellent and it was a nice change to the usual characters he plays, it must have been challenging and probably out of his comfort zone, yet it was done beautifully. Rin Kakihara, who plays Tomo, has also showed an excellent performance and has a lot of potential for a young actress. Definitely recommend this movie as a change of pace and a reflective piece.

Reviewed by Evil_Herbivore 8 / 10 / 10

Well-made and sweet

Usually I don't like stories told from a child's point of view, as I find them annoying. Close-kint is a notable exception. The story is fairly simple: a 11-year-old's mother disappears, so she goes to live with her uncle and his transgender girlfriend. And so a whirlwind of emotions begins. The main characters in the movie are all lovable. Tomo is confused with her new living situation and particularly with Rinko's trans identity, but she is willing to learn. Rinko herself is kind and welcoming. Rinko's boyfriend and Tomo's uncle Makio is a loving partner and a caring foster parent. The family they create for themselves is a heartwarming picture. But of course the movie also shows the other side of not conforming to the standards of the society. I can't claim to know much about Japanese society, but I think a person like Rinko would face a discrimination almost anywhere in the world, and it is important to show this kind of prejudice and violence. The pacing of the movie is a great respite form all of the fast-paced blockbusters. The movie takes its time in order to show all of the emotions experienced by the characters. This allows the viewers to connect with them on a deeper level. Yet another strong suit of the movie is the acting. I've only seen a few Japanese movies, so I don't know the actors, but they all create memorable and believable characters. Rin Kakihara is great as 11 years old Tomo and even though I usually don't care for child characters, she won my heart. Another wonderful performance is Tôma Ikuta as Rinko, who despite being a cisgender male plays a completely believable transgender female with all of her vices and virtues. There is a number of really good transgender-related movies, but they usually end with someone's death or some other tragedy. There is also a number of uplifting transgender-related movies, but they are usually not very good in terms of the story they tell. Close-kint is both. It is a really good piece of filmmaking and it is quite uplifting. Even though the ending isn't very happy, it isn't tragic either and I was left with a fuzzy warm feeling after watching the movie.

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