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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10 / 10

Dangerous downward descent

Dove Cameron of Liv&Maddie and Luke Benward recently an interest of Bridgit Mendler on Good Luck Charlie team up for this latest Disney feature film Cloud 9. No this is not about literal heavenly heights, but it might as well be for it is an especially grueling challenge for snowboarders. In fact we see that one can't even walk up to it, one has to be airlifted before one makes the dangerous downward descent. The story casts Cameron as the daughter of the owner of a ski resort and that gives her access to a team sponsored by winter sports business owner whose son Mike Manning is the snowboarding current star. But when the resort drops the team, Manning drops Cameron and the team does as well. Seems she's not as good as she thinks she is, but was there for politics. Two blows to her ego really leave her down in the dumps. But fortunately there's Benward who was an up and coming snowboarder, but who wipes out on national television and that's left him lacking a bit of confidence. This was a good one from the Magic Kingdom and it was a nice story seeing how these two wounded young people help each other out with their sport and their lives. I also commend Amy Farrington playing Benward's mother who runs a local kennel. Who'd have thought that dogs would be therapeutic? Some nice scenes of snowboarding also highlight this Disney Channel film. Definitely one of their better products.

Reviewed by je_and_la 4 / 10 / 10

Predictable but delightful DCOM

Once again the Disney Channel has provided us with a typical story of self-discovery, laced with conflict and the formation of new friendships. In this story we meet Kayla Morgan (Dove Cameron), a pampered snowboarder whose Father owns the ski-lodge where she snowboards. Also heading the cast is Will Cloud (Luke Benward), a snowboarder turned dog groomer after a particularly memorable fall during his failed attempt at the coveted Cloud 9. When it is revealed to Kayla that she only won a place on the snowboarding team as a result of her Father owning the resort, she turns to Will to learn the Cloud 9 to prove to everyone that she truly is the best female snowboarder around. Both Cameron and Benward delivered good performances throughout the film, though there were times when their chemistry together was not very believable. The entire cast, including Mike C. Manning (Nick Swift), Amy Farrington (Andrea Cloud) and Jeffrey Nordling (Sebastian Swift) brought this story to life in a very believable and enjoyable manner. It is a shame that Kiersey Clemons (Skye Sailor) did not have a more prominent role in the film as her acting was very enjoyable to watch. Praise must be given to the stunt coordinator Kathy Jarvis and to the stunt doubles who did an incredible job with the snowboarding scenes. My eyes were glued to the screen, anxious to see whether they would land their jumps or not, and I found myself breathing a sigh of relief when they did. The story itself progressed at a reasonable pace despite its predictability. There never seemed to be a time where the story was lacking or where the pace of the film was too fast. Two big thumbs up to the screenwriters Don D. Scott, Justin Ware and Katie Wech for penning such a captivating film. Utah, USA is a beautiful place and that beauty was reflected in this film. The scenery in Cloud 9 was incredible and was a perfect back-drop for a film centered on snowboarding. The ending let this film down in as much as it was disappointing and relatively anti-climatic. The film itself was very enjoyable to watch and I found myself waiting anxiously to see what the final outcome would be, and though the film was very predictable, I found myself disappointed with how it ended. All in all this was a very enjoyable, although predictable, Disney Channel Original Film, and is deserving of the 7/10 rating given.

Reviewed by gccates 4 / 10 / 10

Beautiful scenery, Predictable Story

Okay so how many times have we seen the story of the blonde pampered princess who sets out to show us she has some depth and learns a lesson. Of course there is the non rich boy next door type guy for her to fall in love with who teaches her a little bit about humility. Dove Cameron is the latest girl Disney is determined to make their new "it girl". While cute and adorable enough on Liv and Maddie she falls flat in Cloud Nine. Not completely fault the script of this predictable tale is flat. Other tropes included the overbearing asshole father, the jerk boyfriend, the mean girl out to take the main girl's spot. Dove Cameron and Luke Benward turned in vanilla at best performances. Typical Disney sitcom style acting. Most of their scenes just felt like they were reading their lines straight from the script. Mike C Manning was pretty cringe worthy when it came time for Nick's "big reveal". As if we didn't realize when it happened that he clearly steered her into the sign on purpose. Nick's father was a mustache twirling villain. I can't even hold their acting in this movie against them with those flat characters. Kiersey Clemon's was in this movie simply to make faces at our main heroine. The scenery is amazing. Kudos to the director and cinematographer. The scenes out in the snow were well done as was the scene that took place in the pool. The way that was filmed really stood out to me. Much more than the dialog. Over all I'd rate Cloud Nine about a 4.5.

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