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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LanaCassi 9 / 10 / 10

Heart warming, tear jerking

What a beautiful effort directed by Justin Baldoni, based on the real life of a young teenager taken to soon. It's wholesome and uplifting despite being an ultimately tragic story. You know when reading the synopsis - a teenager with cancer, theres bound to be pulls on the heart strings. And this delivers. I had fear it would go down the same old path we've seen before, but this is done so well and you cant beat things inspired by true stories. I was pleasantly surprised. Disney always winning my heart ...even into my thirties...

Reviewed by orangechickenprime 10 / 10 / 10

Found out it was a true story at the end..

It's just not a movie to go around saying "it's so good, it made me cry, it'll make you cry too." Really it's best to use as an example of the real world of terminal cancer victims and their families. The movie was done well because it wasn't one of those sell out movies where they run scenes that have sad music, acting, tears, to make you cry. It's the raw fact that emotions were held back because it was difficult enough to handle not being able to do a thing about the cancer situation. It had no scenes that were like "reminder: this is a movie, let's make it funny, let's pop it up, let's throw in a corny plot twist." None of that here. Beautiful writing. The actors complimented the writing down to the timing. What killed me most was not knowing it was a true story until the end. I was watching the movie thinking, "yeah this happens in real life but it isn't likely". Then the ending showed the real people involved in the actual story. I was hitting stuff in my car and crying. Again, great writing because of the fact sometimes a character was difficult to understand until they spoke their feelings out with a few lines instead of the writing laying it out for us, making the actors look clumsy and stuck to being instant on their emotions. Movies should really go in this direction.

Reviewed by codyfleury 10 / 10 / 10

Movies like these aren't popular anymore and it's a shame...

An avid film buff and am slightly amazed that this is the first review I am writing. Remember back when it was okay to like a movie that inspired you? Before everything got "gritty" cause it's "soo edgy and artsy" that way? Back before everyone was overly critical? Remember when we had movies like "Radio", "Remember the Titans" and "Forrest Gump"? Movies that just made you feel good about life? That is this movie! I'm here to tell you it's the perfect way to end the negative year that is 2020. Look...I appreciate a good gritty film as much as the next guy, but when that's what everything becomes it's not original anymore, it just gets old. This is simply the film we need right now. So do yourself a favor, ignore the negative critics, don't let them take that from us again! Just enjoy this truly moving and powerful true story with your family. A story that will give you a positive outlook on your life upon its completion. Bring the Kleenex. #makeitcooltobehappyagain

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