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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pdbordelon 2 / 10 / 10

Not very good but...

...not completely unwatchable either. Its got a "cheap" feel to it. Poorly written script (like why in the hell would she buy the doll in the first place?). The acting feels forced and wooden. None of the characters have any depth and have not been well thought out. The subplot of her being pregnant with her step brothers child is lame. Worse, the clown is just not scary. Its clearly a man dressed in a clown suit pretending to be a doll. It's stupid. I made it all the way through and there were a coupe of decent practical effects but overall this is poorly done. Look elsewhere for clown scares.

Reviewed by chaosbaron 1 / 10 / 10

First few minutes tell you everything you need to know

In the first few minutes of the movie we see a clown doll kill a bunch of humans who work very hard to keep their back turned to him and ignore him, despite already seemingly knowing he is a killer doll. This continues through out the movie right up until the end, when the killer doll is walking towards someone and the protagonist merely states "move, you have to trust me, move". It is about as bad as a parody. As far as the rest of the film goes, its lackluster all around. Mediocre acting, painful plot, weak effects, un interesting kills.

Reviewed by draftdubya 1 / 10 / 10

Boring is not the only thing wrong with this pile guano

Nothing happens and I'm 2/3rds finished. I'm at the part with the girl is holding corded house phone that clearly has the cord unplugged and is talking in it like it's a cordless phone. No one on the set didn't even catch that? These streaming service has to be letting anyone upload crap movies without even reviewing them.

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