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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kalinski18 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent comedy

Fo those not living in any communist country , this movie might look like science fiction but it is very realistic albeit very funny. The plot is not that important as several scenes that are not related to the main action of the movie. I rate this movie very high , mainly because of those several scenes - masterpieces of the communism absurd. The actors do not dissapoint - I would single out Stanislaw Tym as an assistant director or Kazimierz Kaczor as a auto repair shop supervisor. But the biggest credit goes to Stanislaw Bareja, the director and screen writer (actually cowriter, the other one is Stanislaw Tym). The dialogs are fantastic and you will laugh and cry. I recommend this movie to everybody.

Reviewed by Voitcus / 10

Great movie

One day Mr. Krzakowski, the President of some state-owned company, believed to be replaced soon, gets to know that a girl is pregnant with him. He realizes that she is a daughter of some high officer in the state. He wants to marry her to keep his job, but first he must get a divorce. He uses anything and anybody he can to find a proof of his wife's infidelity. The movie, made by the same author as _Mis (1981)_, has the similar concept. The characteristic for communistic regime hierarchy of officers, in which anybody knows his/her place. Nobody wants to work for anybody else, everybody is disparaged by those who are higher than him. Lots of funny jokes, gags, however, some of them can be understood only by people who lived in those times.

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