Cocaine Godmother


Biography / Drama

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Raúl Méndez as Agustin
Warren Christie as Tom Robbins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cfj-93814 2 / 10 / 10

Watching this movie right now and want to know Who's idea was it to Cast Catherine Zeta-Jones as Griselda Blanco?

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a talented actress who has made good films before (Chicago, etc.) But this one is a very bad choice for her. With all the talented Latina actresses out there couldn't they have found one to play Griselda, this more than life character? Just because a white woman has really dark hair does not a Latina she make. The accent is Horrible and there are times when you hear a slip of her Welsh come out. Not only that, but while her clothes are very nice, however they make her look old like she is 60 instead of a woman in her thirties. Those scarves make her look like a cancer patient(no disrespect to said patients). The music was great but Catherine danced horribly in it. She's a trained dancer and I am not sure why they had her "dancing" like that. Lifetime, your movies are usually cheesy but everybody likes them so do better next time. If you want to do a movie about someone who is not white, make sure you cast actors that actually fit the role. It would be much more believable.

Reviewed by crowjake-07362 5 / 10 / 10

She was one of a kind

Any movie made about GB is risky. About all I can say is that if you're not from Medellin, Colombia you will never capture the flavor of its people, good or bad. Likewise there are many untruths in the movie, Alberto Bravo was not killed for infidelity nor that way. And La Madre never worked for Pablo Escobar. He actually muscled in on HER territory. At lease give her her infamous credit where it is due.

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 5 / 10 / 10


The real Cocaine Grandmother, Griselda Blanco was known for executing literally hundreds of men, women, and even children who either interfered with her drug smuggling empire, or who simply pissed her off. In reality, being remotely involved with Griselda Blanco and her drug cartel empire was enough of a reason for considering a person to already have one foot in the grave including her sons and various husbands. This loosely based biography has the attractive Catherine Zeta-Jones attempting rather poorly to represent Griselda Blanco as the bi-sexual mother and wife as well as the vicious and extremely homely real-life cocaine grandmother. What results is a less than inspiring attempt at a high level historical adaptation of the cocaine grandmother, her sons, husbands, and lovers outwitting the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agents) for decades all rolled up in a two (2) hour film I would call a non event, worthy of only a mediocre 5 out of 10 rating.

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