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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by madbird-61243 9 / 10 / 10

Why 6.4?

Because of the 6.4 rating, I think of skipping the movie. Luckily I have not. It is so rare that same cast can be kept for 10 years. Solely because of this, the movie should be given a high rating on the effort of casting. And turn out the movie can at least keep up with the high standard of the previous dramas. The most overrated wood face male lead? To some degree, I agree with this comment. But I just like him. That is hard to explain. He is so cool and sexy. It is unfortunate though the male lead has taken a flower in his hand, he is not giving to female lead. No romance between them at the end. Imperfection is beautiful. This makes you remember the film. Thank you for all the production team and actors that join hand to create such a terrific drama within this ten years. You all give us audience a most entertaining Asian medical show throughout the time. Your efforts would always be remembered.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen / 10

This was just ludicrous...

Without knowing what I was getting myself into, aside from knowing it was a Japanese movie, then I sat down to watch "Code Blue: The Movie". Well, at least I managed to watch 23 minutes, then I gave up and turned it off. Talk about a heap of garbage compiled into the presentation of a movie. First of all, the characters in the movie were essentially one and the same. They came off as being a gelatinous cube of asexual matter wearing medical team outfits. You didn't really care about the characters in the movie, nor did you really know where one ended and the next one started. Talk about a bland character gallery. And also the fact that this was essentially just a Japanese modern version of "General Hospital" didn't really help much to entice me after being bored senseless of a horrible character gallery. I didn't at any point submerge myself into the storyline because it seemed erratic and random with little or no proper coherency or anything worthwhile to spur my interest. 23 minutes of the ordeal known as "Code Blue: The Movie", and I will never return to finish the rest of the movie. There simply is no point or purpose to it, because I didn't care an ounce about the storyline or the characters. No need to bother with this one. Some of us suffered through - parts of the entire movie - so you don't have to.

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