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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MKizman 10 / 10 / 10

Totally Charming

This is the most charming movie you'll ever see. The actress playing the lead was perfect, as was the rest of the cast. Sure, it may look like it was shot in someone's backyard using an iPhone, but who cares? If you use top of the line equipment and million dollar sets it would do nothing to improve this gem of a film. I wish I could give 20 stars!

Reviewed by forrestwilliams-93834 10 / 10 / 10

MST3K material

I watched this at the insistence of a friend. All I can say is that I see an MST3K episode in the future for this movie. The actress playing "Clare" is kinda cute, but the whole production has the feeling like it was shot in someone's backyard on an iPhone.

Reviewed by DrPhoton 10 / 10 / 10

A triple half-caf one-and-a-quarter-pump hazelnut breve-latte no-foam upside-down with a dusting of cinnamon

This is a great movie. I chuckled all the way through it, even laughing out loud at certain times (something I don't often do for movies). I was also touched at times. Coffee Kart is obviously an "indie" movie, but quite frankly, in my opinion indies are often much better than "fancy" movies (to coin an adjective used by "Clare," the movie's main character), because indies are usually so much more sincere. Coffee Kart certainly falls in this category. These are real people playing real people, portraying real problems - and handing out some real humor along the way. I particularly laughed at the well-aimed jabs at the "fancy" coffee industry. I often find myself frustrated when I visit a coffee shop wanting just a cup of coffee, only to be inundated with twenty different choices, NONE of which even resemble a "real" cup of coffee (e.g., the title for this review). Rachel Magana and Robin Bjerke both deliver convincing performances in their portrayals of "Clare" and "Kate." The supporting cast is also good in their roles. The short scene featuring Jim Kocher as an out-of-work older man ("Bill"), baring his heart to Clare, was played quite touchingly I thought. No, there are no explosions or CGI in this movie - which may be off-putting to some these days - but I found Coffee Kart to be an entertaining movie that stands on its own, and delivers a decent story that most can relate to.

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