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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dieselboy1986 10 / 10 / 10

Brilliant Movie, could be a play, if you like that sort of thing like me.

I haven't written a review in ages but I feel this deserves one. I like to take gambles on movies with promise and it usually pays off - this one certainly did! I'm no nerd but I like a bit of sci-fi. I also like movies with a small cast and a small set - maybe I am a nerd. ..or I just have good taste. If you have a bit of intelligence and 20 minutes patience - you will be rewarded. It takes that time to be introduced to the characters and the scenario - alright? Alright. The acting is pretty spot-on, considering I didn't recognize anyone. (Upon inspection this isn't a bunch of new actors, it has the dude from Homeland and a dude from Buffy.) Without spoiling much it ends up tapping in to the 'alternate reality' or 'multiple reality' game - which is cool. It starts off being quite amusing for the viewer but escalates nicely in to a dramatic conclusion. All I can say is watch it. I am looking forward to watching it again - it's gone straight in my 'watch again pile' which isn't very large. I wish more movies were like this. Well done everyone. (My honest review would be a 9, but it deserves a 10 here for the sake of it.)

Reviewed by steveo122 8 / 10 / 10

A play-date for your brain.

Some yuppie types get together for dinner. A comet passes overhead. Things get...odd. A play-date for your brain.

Reviewed by d_h95 8 / 10 / 10

Low-budget sci-fi is mind bendingly entertaining

Coherence, a tense, cerebral sci-fi thriller is the directorial debut of James Ward Byrkit. On a night when a comet is passing unusually close to earth, a group of friends gather for a dinner party taking place in the home of married couple Mike (Nicholas Brendon) and Lee (Lorene Scafaria). However, the night quickly takes a turn for the unexpected as power goes out in the neighbourhood, all except one house. The easy-going banter doesn't take long to get tense as we start seeing the cracks in these relationships. This film is best experienced without any previous knowledge on what it's about, so I won't say any more about the plot. What I will say is that Coherence is a prime example of independent, low budget film making done right. It proves that you don't need a huge budget to create a compelling story. Whilst some may be put off by the low budget feel and the dialogue heavy film, I found the largely improvised dialogue to be refreshingly real. The ensemble cast is a vehicle for the audience, being as clueless as we are to the events as they unfold. Much like the characters, the actors themselves had no idea what was going on, as the director went into the filming process not with a screenplay, but a twelve-page treatment. Each day, the cast were provided with character notes and a brief idea of the situation, and they managed to pull off remarkable performances. I found the shaky camerawork, often going out of focus, to be a bit distracting, but it was less of a stylistic choice and more a matter of necessity as Byrkit wanted the actors to have a freedom of movement, allowing them to do what felt natural for their character. Although I did have questions about the logic used by characters at certain points in the film, it was remarkably easy to suspend disbelief. There really is a lot to enjoy about Byrkit's method, being able to immediately hook the audience and keep us relentlessly trying to guess the direction the story is going in until the very end.

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