Cold Creek Manor


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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August 26, 2020



Dennis Quaid as Ed Miller
Juliette Lewis as Suzanne
Sharon Stone as Miriam Ebbers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KP-Nuts 6 / 10 / 10

OK but not that good

OK we've all seen this type of film before, family leave problems and life in the city for a new start in the country only to find far greater and real problems than those they left behind. Unfortunately it's just not done particularly well in this movie. It starts well and gives the impression it will lead into some kind of haunted mansion movie once the family arrive at their new home. However, what happens is far less exciting. Quaid gives another solid but unremarkable performance, Dorff is passable but his character never seems as threatening as he should be, Lewis plays the kind of role she seems to fit like a glove. The one thing I realised from this film is Sharon Stone has no impact or presence on the screen at all, I mean she had an impact on me when I was 15 and first saw Basic Instinct, but hey. She is one of the few actresses I would actually advise to only accept films with nudity scenes involved. The direction is only apt, you feel there is meant to be some kind of attraction or sexual tension between Dorff's and Stone's character but whether due to the fault of the Director or actors it does not work at all. It is also at times very predictable, which is not a good factor for a thriller. The film does have it's redeeming features, it does at least keep you interested enough to follow through to the climax just to see what happens. It is one though you will not be revisiting soon again.

Reviewed by AlternateViewpoint 1 / 10 / 10

Amazing how the major league critics can crush a good flick!

I've seen way flakier movies that were smash hits. Most Hollywood thrillers & action movies have to be viewed with a willing suspension of disbelief anyhow. People do things they'd never do in real life. They ask stupid questions & accept answers that no one with a high school education and an IQ in even low triple digits would accept in real life. They walk away from falls, car crashes and burning buildings that would kill real human beings. They *split up* to look for the ghost/axe murder/evil demon! So, what's wrong with this one? I got involved. I got tense. I was on the edge of my seat. I liked it. The tension was built up without any reference to gory scenes, just creepy camera angles, shadows, the wind blowing curtains, the increasing feeling that Something Really Bad was just around the corner. You get to see Sharon Stone looking almost like an ordinary human being. Dennis Quaid is his usual edgy self. Stephen Dorff does a great slide into madness. If I'd believed everything I read about it, I never would've picked up the DVD. It's not Hitchcock, but it's definitely worth watching. Check it out.

Reviewed by alphonsia 1 / 10 / 10

Not the sharpest tools in the box

It's 4:30 a.m. Top executive Mom groans, thumps off the alarm and staggers out of bed. She's got an early morning flight. Respected film-maker Dad mumbles, "Remember to reset the clock." She doesn't, of course. It's 7:56 a.m. Dad squints at the clock, hollers, "Oh, s**t! Kids, up, up, up, up!," followed by, "We're late. Your mother forgot to reset the alarm. Again!," as he slams together that staple of popular cinema, the breakfast no-one has time to eat. It's never occurred to either of these Movers and Shakers to buy a second clock. Their alarm-challenged children clatter downstairs, the daughter whining, "Ohmigod, it's late. I have to be at school early today!" Buy an alarm clock, kid. Better yet, read the little book that comes with your beloved mobile phone and see if it has an alarm function. After hanging Mom for the clock fiasco, Dad decides "the city" is to blame for all their woes. The Green Acres Four treat themselves to an unauthorised viewing of a crumbling country estate that's been foreclosed by the bank. The house is furnished. There's an unmade bed. Yet they roam freely, snooping through family photos and papers. They buy The Old Massie Place at a knockdown price. Dad's inspired to create one of his "labour of love" documentaries. This consists of "creating a time-line" (i.e., skewering vintage photographs with thumbtacks) and having a goggle at some highly personal Polaroids of the previous owner's wife. Out of "miles" of home movie footage, a poolside scene featuring this attractive young woman and her daughter in bikinis seems to be especially pertinent. When "Just Out of Jail" Dale Massie shows up looking for work, Dad ignores the protests of his vulnerable teenage daughter and hires the guy for unsupervised work around the house. This is even stupider than the alarm clock situation. The only vaguely plausible reason Dad could have for inviting this guy into the family home is to help with the documentary. Dale's brimming with family anecdotes ("my grandmother built that pool in 1926"), but Dad acts bored and exasperated when he's around. In a classic scene, Dad's tinkering about on his laptop with archive footage of NYC. Since his budget to too low to hire voice-over talent, his own voice is droning on about cast-iron architecture. Wielding one of the farm implements Dad doesn't have a clue about, shirtless, sweaty Dale explains that it's a killing hammer, designed by Grandpa Massie and his blacksmith. Articulate, informative and sleazily attractive, he winds up his narrative with, "Look at the spike. Straight into the brain. A small little clean hole right through the skull. Bam! No bone splinters. No pain." Grab your camera, Dad! This is Good Stuff! But no, Dad can't wait for Dale to hightail it out of the house so he can go back to making The Most Boring Documentary in the World. Throw in Dead Meat the Pony and Mobiles Don't Work in the Valley, and you've got all the ingredients for a nice long snooze. Don't forget to set the alarm.

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