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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by intothebluegreatness 10 / 10 / 10

"Yo homie, is that my briefcase?"

Collateral is a nearly flawless, action, fast paced thriller with superb acting. It is without a doubt one of the best films ever made. The acting by the film's 2 stars, Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx is absolutely masterful. These 2 already phenomenal actors displayed an even higher notch of excellence in Collateral. Acting-wise, this is definitely one of the most indescribably amazing movies ever. The script is very simple, and could have been easily taken way too far, however, Michael Mann makes sure that the story is not overdone, and delivers a solid beginning, middle, and fabulous ending. I know I've already gone over the acting once, but Tom Cruise definitely deserves even more recognition. He plays a professional hit-man just the way it should be played, and more. A hit-man isn't like Rambo, a hit-man doesn't have 5 machine guns strapped to his back and over 50,000 rounds of ammunition. No, Tom Cruise displays a purely flawless performance about what a hit-man really is. A hit-man is supposed to be gentleman-like, and they are supposed to act as if they are going about their daily lives, even before a hit. Many people believe that Tom Cruise's character in the movie was mentally ill because of the way he seemed calm one minute and killed people the next, however he was doing nothing more than his job. It is almost like in a football game, if you are originally a nice person, and you step on the field, you become a killer. Tom Cruise, when doing his job, is a killer. When he is not, he is nothing more than a normal man. This is how great of a performance he delivered. Collateral opens up with a punch, and never lets up. It is my favorite movie, and one of the most superb action flicks ever made.

Reviewed by parameswaranrajendran 9 / 10 / 10

Thrill ride

Collaterall - First time watching Tom Cruise in white hair and he is donning an antagonist role in this film. I am not sure how I can miss this movie since being his fan. Jamie Foxx played a cabbie role with taking control the climax. A thriller ride movie from veteran director Michael Mann in 2004.

Reviewed by TyJustice 9 / 10 / 10

Cruise and Foxx lead a tense, deep thriller.

As the movie begins we're introduced to Jamie Foxx - a taxi driver residing in a bustling Los Angeles. We relate to Jamie Foxx's character Max, he's just an everyday American keeping his nose out of trouble with a 9 to 5 job, a jerk of a boss and aspirations that he still has dreams of but ultimately take a backseat when real life comes knocking. Cruise is introduced as a professional, calculated hit-man and as soon as he is introduced into the story we take a turn into a high stakes, thrilling plot that follows Tom Cruise - playing Vincent and Max through the mesmerizing Los Angeles setting as Vincent forces Max to escort him to his next handful of hits. Eventually, Mark Ruffalo is welcomed into the story as Detective Fanning, which works exquisitely as a supporting character as he portrays a wise, level headed detective who drives the story forward with smart, intuitive actions and believable, and compelling character motivations. Overall, Collateral works as a riveting, action thriller and there is very little negative things to say about the story as a whole. Tom Cruise playing a villain for once is a breath of fresh air and his chemistry with Jamie Foxx is magnetic throughout every viewing. Definitely check this one out.

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