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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by friscoflan 9 / 10 / 10

Timely, poignant film...

This is a wonderful character-driven film that is timely, heartbreaking, redemptive, and important. COLLISIONS was made a few years ago, before the awful immigration policies of the U.S. government went full-on nuclear toward our southern neighbors. Ahead of its time, it shows the big picture of what's going on with our border wars with a fairly simple story of a loving, broken, and displaced Mexican family going through a harrowing experience that threatens their survival as a unit. I just found out that the young actress, Izabella Alvarez, won the Imagen Award for her key role in it. That's what reminded me of the film, and the reason to post this review. Do yourself a favor, and check out not just her moving performance, but a a great indie flick, as well!

Reviewed by NatandBen 10 / 10 / 10

Wonderful film!

This is a beautiful story about a family's love and perseverance despite the shock, chaos, fear, and heartbreak of their family separation. But it is also a suspenseful road picture, an adventure with great cinematography, and a story of reconciliation, resilience, and redemption. The subject matter is very timely and controversial given the inhumane treatment of immigrant families in the news, but you are not hit over the head with preachy speeches about it. Instead, the story is primarily told through the eyes of the primary character, a 14 year old brilliant girl with her own hopes and dreams just reacting to her world turned upside down and doing everything she can to reunite her family. Another reviewer suggested we should stop humanizing people in these situations. I couldn't disagree more. Collisions is a great movie, but it should also be celebrated for reminding us all of our shared humanity and our responsibility to treat each other with empathy, compassion, and dignity.

Reviewed by maryweb-99468 10 / 10 / 10

Do not miss this film!

Collisions is a beautifully filmed, heartbreaking narrative which is so relavent to our inhumane treatment of immigrants in this country.

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