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Andrea Roth as Celeste Dupont
Linda Thorson as Isadora
Peter MacNeill as Dr. Quilley
Richard Burgi as Desmond Moore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10 / 10

Going Crazy at the Insane Institute

Following the tragic shooting death of her fiancé, attractive blonde Andrea Roth (as Celeste Dupont) takes a psychiatric position at the remote "Millburn Institute". The newly arrived doctor is told no Internet service exists and the place is too distant for cell phones. Uh-oh. This should have driven Ms. Roth out to her car for a quick retreat, but we're already too late in the story for that as Roth is shown to her room in the area reserved for the insane. Informed she is there as a patient, not a doctor, Roth makes some futile attempt to escape. When they fail, she tries to play along with the doctors and figure out how she ended up being "Committed". Roth's case is given to bedside mannerly Richard Burgi (as Desmond Moore) and the mystery deepens... There are a couple of startling moments and some suspense in "Committed". Director Norma Bailey, editor Ron Wisman and photographer Michael Storey contribute some good work. Roth is okay as the confused heroine, but her heightened eyebrows are sometimes distracting. Featured players making the most of their screen time are handsome young rape fantasy Sebastian Pigott (as Bobby Gow) and beautifully grayed poet Linda Thorson (as Isadora), who first impressed in as sexy TV "Avenger" Tara King. Lower key, but just as much fun are headmaster Peter MacNeill (as Quille), absent-minded Liisa Repo-Martell (as Donneymeade) and other assorted cuckoos. This TV movie is genuinely intriguing, but falters significantly in the final 15 minutes. Committed (4/17/11) Norma Bailey ~ Andrea Roth, Richard Burgi, Sebastian Pigott, Linda Thorson

Reviewed by sol-kay 7 / 10 / 10

I think a time in the country will do me good

***SPOILERS*** After her fiancée Paul Bernard was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound psychiatrist Celeste Dupont, Andera Roth, had a severe nervous breakdown. It's in Celeste being accepted in a top position at the Millburn Institute in the wilds of New Jersey is what seemed to be just the right medicine for her recovery. As soon as Celeste entered Millburn she noticed that things were a bit odd in the people who run it starting with it's director Dr. Quilley, Peter MacNeill. Everyone seems as if their either on drugs or lobotomized! In trying to figure out what exactly is going on in Millburn Celeste is shocked to find out from the places's personnel director Mrs. Donneymeade, Linda-Repo Martell, that she's not a doctor but in fact a patient there! At first thinking that she's being treated for her depression, in her guilt-feelings about Paul's death, Celeste later finds out that she's in fact perfectly all right! It's those running the place like Dr. Quilley and her personal psychiatrist Desmond Busby, Richard Burgi, who are the one's who need to be treated but the shocking thing about all that is that they the lunatics are the one's running the asylum! Once you realize what's going on at the Millburn Institute there's nothing really left to surprise you. Celeste by uncovering the scam by Dr.Quilley, who's really escaped mental patient and homicidal psycho Rupert Preston, as well as his top kick or aid Desmond Busby are pulling she's now in danger of being murdered by them in order to keep their crazy secret secret. It's never really explained what exactly Quilley, or Preston, and Busby were trying to pull off in them taking control of the Millburn Institute but no explanation was really necessary. They were both as mad as a mad hatter and their bizarre actions fit the bill, or hat size, in the crazy and murderous things that they did!****SPOILER ALERT**** Which included in crazy Desmond turning on his partner in crime Quilley, or Preston, for no explainable or rational reason when in one of his rare lucid moments Quilley made some sense in what to do to keep the entire scam form getting out of hand. As for Celeste she escapes being murdered by a deranged and committable Desmond by one of the few patients in Millburn Evan Franklin,Paul Fauteux, who still had some of his marbles left in him coming, from what seemed like out of nowhere, to her rescue. But we didn't get to see what turned out to be the hero of the film-Evan Franklin-until the movie was almost over!

Reviewed by fee_tambo 7 / 10 / 10

Makes you think

This is a great subject for a film, and it does start off very promisingly. I worked in a psychiatric ward for several years and when patients were sectioned,I would often think 'what if that person is telling the truth and nobody believes them?'. The family have all the power and we all know how fractured families are! The actors in this film are all very good, it's a shame they've not been heard of outside TV movies, the story becomes quite dry about 3/4 through but it's no fault of the actors, it's the writing so I'd definitely recommend that you you'd watch this film, if only to have some food for thought, and to see some of the very underrated acting!

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