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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cristinasoulmates 2 / 10 / 10

Great concept but an ineffective thriller with poor performances.

* There is no end credit scene * The director Brad T. Gottfred and crew brought an ineffective thriller. The story is about two mysterious deaths that happened on the same night and students connected to them receive a forced invitation to a confessional booth. The concept was truthfully fantastic the idea of a confessional booth, its design, sound, and the way it was shot was incredible. I was really trying so hard to like it because of those reasons but it didn't take, the narrative was completely weak and every reveal was easy to know beforehand making the twists a miss in every turn. The actors' performances didn't quite reach their goals to make this movie worth the watch, some were overacting and some were flat. I loved the music, the composer Craig Williams made it so entrancing and mysterious such a shame it was wasted in this movie. This could have been a great film with a better story and also better performances.

Reviewed by SonOfThunor 1 / 10 / 10

Nothing thrilling about this thriller

This really could have been 30 mins tops. Long, drawn out, lacking climax or anything really interesting. The film, moving at a snails pace, feels like more of a chore to sit thru than anything else and the ending leaves the viewer wondering why they stuck it out the entire time. I hate to leave such a negative review about someone's efforts, but it just missed every mark.

Reviewed by rickeyshelton-97830 1 / 10 / 10

First Ever Review

Not sure why this was a Shudder Exclusive because there is no horror in the film whatsoever. It's not a thriller. It's a pile of garbage. I've watched almost every horror film that the above average horror fan can watch in my 30 years, and this is not only the worst horror film I've seen, it's the worst film. I've been reading reviews on films for about 8 years now on IMDB to see what people say before I watch it. Wish I had done that for this one. Heed the reviews or you too will lose 86 boring minutes of your life.

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