Contract to Kill


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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Russell Wong as Matthew Sharp
Steven Seagal as Cock Puncher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nikola17 10 / 10 / 10

It's Really Good Contact Of A Lot of Non Stop Action

Well Movie Is Not Well Edited I Understand It's B-Class Steven Seagal Is Kinda Lazy and all That, But It Doesn't Make Movie Lazy or Action It's Noting Like Slow Action or Seagal Can't Do Fight Scenes, He Actually Did His Own Fight Scenes In This Movie, Some of Movies I Can Tell He Is Lazy, Doesn't Do His Fight Scenes Like In His character seems like an off-shoot of Jonathan Cold (more 'The Foreigner' than 'Black Dawn' though) Even That Was Worser Then This Movie Believe Me. This Movie Went Very Well I Actually Enjoyed It Was Very Non Stop Action In Movie But CGI Scenes Are Not Well Made Doesn't Mean Movie Is Bad. I Would Say It's Better Then Code Of Honor. Keoni Waxman Looks Like Director really Enjoys Working for Seagal. Now Keoni Waxman Has Worked Few Projects With Steven Seagal The Keeper, Dangerous Man, True Justice TV Series, Maximum Conviction, Force of Execution, A Good Man, Mercenary: Absolution,Cartels AKA Killing Salazar, End of Gun, Now This Jeez WOW Kenoi Waxman Has A Good Relationship with Steven Seagal and they like working together, It's Funny Seagal Has Worked with Keoni Waxman A Lot More Movies Then Any another Directors he worked in past. (Steven Seagal) John Harmon Is a He Is A Retired CIA/DEA Enforcers lured back into taking out an Islamic terrorist, who is brokering a deal with Mexican Gangsters in Istanbul (?) for safe passage into the U.S. in order to activate (previously planted) 'cells', John Harmon investigating Arab terrorists captured in Mexico. With his Team - Seductive FBI Agent Zara (Jemma Dallender) I Spit On Your Grave 2 and Spy-Drone Pilot Matthew Sharp Romeo Must Die (Russell Wong ) He Has Spy Gadgets Similar to Mission Impossible. They Fly To Istanbul and Uncovers a Brutal. plot: Islamic extremists plan to use Sonora drug-smuggling routes to bring deadly weapons, and leaders, into the U.S. To prevent an attack on America, Harmon must Stop It Before It's Too Late. I Thought Characters Like Harmon, Zara, Matthew Is Great In Movie I Thought Zara Was Pretty Beautiful nice looking badass girl I Love Her Character. I Just Love Strong Female Roles I Really Do. and Place Takes In Istanbul AND NO IT'S NOTING LIKE TAKEN 2 every action movie has Filmed In Turkey Doesn't Make It A Huge Rip off give it a break. All Action In Movie Kicked A LOT Butts a lot of Shooting, Explosions. Seagal Is Doing His Own Thing Like His Own Fight staff Villains Eh Not Much To Say Theirs Villain From Another Seagal Movie Mercenary: Absolution Ayan Al-Mujahid (Sergiu Costache) Villains Are Not Much To Say or About Their Characters, It's Funny How Cartels Are In Istanbul I Thought It Was Funny Thing About It but as it turns out, the Mexicans are still the drug traffickers and the Arabs are still the terrorist. Oh well, so much for something different. At least it's a different setting. I Really Wish It Was Just Istanbul Villains Not Having Cartels In It, It Just Looks Funny. And Movie Is Simple To Watch. And Yes Steven Seagal Doesn't Play Always Same Character In This No I Don't Think He Has Played Same Character Like This Movie To Anothers. And Yes People Every time it's a funny thing in his movies when there's a sex scene, he doesn't take off his clothes off, There's one part where Seagal has a small love scene with this Zara. Normally I'm a fan of needless nudity from hot girls, but it just puts more focus on the fact that Seagal is just an old man who wants the world to believe that he can still get the girls Like James Bond Or Machete Or Whatever another characters. In Opening Scene At Bar Waitress Is Getting harassed buy these 3 or 2 guys then he saves Waitress kick guys in butt then Waitress sits in his Lab Always Kissing . Not only that but this "experience capable agent" Girl gets kidnapped Zara But She Kicks So Much Ass, so that Seagal can Rescue her. Like In Every Movie Does But Hey I Know It's Kinda Same thing But It's Still A Entering Movie Still Fun To Watch. And For New To Watch With Seagal I Am not saying old movies are bad the old seagal movies are GREATEST then today with his B-Class Slaright To DVD Movies But Doesn't Mean They Are Bad Movies Doesn't Mean You Don't Watch It Because It's Bad Movie or B-Class Enjoy it, It's Not Going To Ruin your life it's a great movie Don't believe the negativity stop listening to Naysayers Not REALLY OF Bad Movie, Worser Then This Movie Code of Honor Is WAY Worse then this movie believe Me It's A lot of Fun. 10.10

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10 / 10

Nothing's changed

It's been a few years since I've seen one of Steven Seagal's newer films, but CONTRACT TO KILL ticks all of the disappointing boxes and shows that nothing has changed. The portly star once again re-teams with Keoni Waxman for another story shot in Eastern Europe. Seagal plays the leader of a special forces squad tasked with tackling Islamic terrorists, and as usual he wanders around and occasionally beats people to death. Helping him are an Asian-American guy and an actress from I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2. This is a faintly watchable film that screams cheapness throughout, and the choppy fight choreography, in which Seagal's stand-in is all too apparent, is a cheat.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 7 / 10 / 10

I will do my thing

John Harmon (Steven Seagal) former CIA agent who worked for the DEA (not sure how that works or how many pay checks he gets) comes out of retirement to find the location of a meeting between the Sonora Cartel and Islamic terrorist from Yemen (?). The meeting is to smuggle in drugs and maybe a terrorist or two to activate those sleeper cells. Harmon forms a team to go after them which consists of FBI agent Zara Hayek (Jemma Dallender) and drone operator Matthew Sharp (Russell Wong). The meeting is in Istanbul. (Filmed in Romania which looks nothing like Istanbul...just go with it.) This is another goatee film with Seagal spending the bulk of the film sitting in front of a computer or driving a Bitchin' Camaro. He does have a couple of fight scenes which consists mostly of grabbing an arm and twisting leg kicks. The heavy hand-to-hand stuff is done by his partners. Seagal has entered his "work smarter, not harder" phase of his espionage career as he engages in PSYOP and prattles Genghis Khan philosophy. Guide: F-word. Nudity (Jemma Dallender), Implied sex

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