Cool as Ice


Comedy / Drama / Music / Romance

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John Newton as Sgt. Cody Cullen
Kathryn Morris as Mrs. Hewitt
Kristin Minter as Kathy
Michael Gross as Walter Kringle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nottboy 2 / 10 / 10

20 thumbs up!

Every once in a while a film comes along that changes the way we look at cinema. A film that redefines the art of movie-making and lives with the viewer long after he/she has experienced it. You may hear the critics mutter the words Star Wars, Citizen Kane or Gone With the Wind but, obviously, they don't know Ice, they don't know him at all. If ever there was a movie that proved the Oscars are a farce, it's Cool as Ice. It clearly got snubbed and I guess we'll never know why. The only reason I can fathom is the academy's fear of the Ice man's Day-glo clashing with the red carpet. Clearly the better solution would have been a Day-glo carpet. Maybe I'm a little biased because I see so much of myself in Ice's character and the personal journey he embarks on in the film. I, too, am a complex, misunderstood white male, searching for identity and a good lawn on which to do the running man. I also have a way with words and a way with the ladies and, gosh darn it, I just love to impress country folk with my fly threads and dope moves on the dance floor, yep yep. The script is a work of art and is destined to become a textbook example for its conflict, character development and subtext. I can't decide who the bigger genius is: The writer or Vanilla Ice, himself, because let's face it it's not just the lines but the delivery of them. "Lose the zero, get with the hero" - pure gold. Do what ever it takes to see this film. Beg, borrow, steal or even buy it. For all those who still wear Day-glo clothing or caps with polished metal logos, who still shave lines into their eyebrows or just consider themselves romantics, Vanilla will reinforce what you already know: You are Cool as Ice. It's also a hell of a lot better than watching Vanilla on Celebrity Boxing, no really it is.

Reviewed by ramspott 10 / 10 / 10


This movie is so freaking funny. People reading these reviews might think that the reviewers are trying to be funny because its so bad of a flick. Well, it is a really bad flick, but its sooooo bad, that its hilarious. It really is a rare gift. If you were too old or too young to have appreciated just how ridiculus Vanilla Ice is/was, then skip it. If you are in the 22-32 age range, this movie is a must see. The easiest way I can explain why this movie is enjoyable, is...well....Remember those old Atari football games and stuff when the other dude gets past you so bad, that you can just wrap around the screen to the left and tackle the dude, thus saving the day? Its kinda like that. So bad, that its off the charts, and comes back atcha from the other direction, and slaps you upside the head with laughter. That doesn't do it justice, but at least I tried. Trust me, its funny.

Reviewed by chris3s 10 / 10 / 10

Perfection, thy name is Cool As Ice

This film can only be described as brilliant. Cool As Ice is a cinematic tour de force, and it resonates with unique passion and joie de vivre. Every character is brimming with both gritty realism and inspired originality, while the script is simply the best to be penned since Chinatown. Expertly crafted with stunning visuals and sparse narrative, the film presents a fascinating interpretation, through the use of archetypal characters, of the age-old story of the uptown girl and the downtown man. The cinematography is refreshingly restrained, with the intriguing exception of the use of Vanilla Ice's leather jacket as a narrative device. The fresh threads contain numerous words, ranging from "Down by Law" (the name of a punk band), to Yep (1/2 of Ice's catch phrase), to "Sex me up." At relevant moments, the camera will dwell upon a particular word or expression, enhancing the cinematic experience dramatically. Although it is but one example of the film's innovative technique, this device is representative of the consistently inventive, moving and magnificent film. Already a well-respected movie, Cool As Ice will inevitably enter the annals of truly great cinema after sufficient time has past to permit its canonization.

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